As I was sitting here today going through Public Records regarding Ozzie’s friend Bob West trying to figure out his plan of attack against Caleb Collier and others as well as how much the Spokane County Sheriffs Office owes the City of Spokane taxpayers for the enormous amount of time Bob West got paid by the City for doing work for Ozzie, I got a notice that an email was in my inbox regarding another PRR. The reason I was distracted from the task at hand was that the email was from none other than good ole Spokane County Sheriff Ozzie Knezovich, who has refused to interact with me in any way because I ask them darn pointed questions, so I figured this must be important…like another threat to charge me with some type of crime.


When I read the email, as usual it did contain yet another threat, but it also included an effort on Ozzie part not to comply with the Public Records Act and provide records in his possession responsive to a Public Records Request. Unfortunately for Larry Haskell, Jim Emacio, and Spokane County, Ozzie once again has placed them in the untenable position of trying to deal with the Wizard Factor.


I thought I would share the email interaction between myself and Ozzie just to give you an Idea of what I have to go through to get Public Records people want to try and hide.


For some reason our Sheriff just doesn’t have much of a sense of humor when it comes to truth seekers…I wonder why? 😊

Please Enjoy The Laugh!!! 😊

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