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Had Walters read my Stories he might have wanted to press Standow about all the inconsistencies and questions which arise from Standow’s statements like Walters did with CMR in this story of his.

Inlander Walters CMR

Just a few examples:

“By sheer chance, Standow is blockaded on the Sullivan Road exit of Interstate 90. He looks at the highway across from him and sees a suicidal veteran named Jedadiah Zillmer standing in front of an open car door, facing a line of Spokane County Sheriff’s cars.”

The above part of the story is completely at odds with Spokane County Prosecutor Jack Driscoll’s review of the Zillmer OIS which I made available in my previous stories.

Standow Ambulance Chasing


The question of course is… was the Standow family there “By sheer chance,” or did Standow have his family out “ambulance chasing”?

The “ambulance chasing” scenario would probably make more sense when one considers that according to Standow’s LinkedIn account he is working on his BA from Arizona State University in “Criminal Justice and Criminology, 3.8”.

Standow LinkedIn 1

Standow LinkedIn 2

Beyond Standow’s interest in a Criminal Justice and Criminology degree, certainly his new job with L.A.W. Publications would lead one to believe he has a real interest in Law Enforcement.

L. A. W Publications

One of the questions I would have asked Standow is; “Is it true that you expressed an interest in being on Ozzie’s Citizen Advisory Board to an Elected Official?”


This statement in the Walter’s story;

“Standow’s 14-year-old daughter starts recording it on her cell phone. “sure, as heck opens up a lot of questions!

We know that law enforcement knew about the video Standow’s daughter took simply by reading Driscoll’s OIS Review.

Filming with phone

What we don’t know is who and why it was taken down from YouTube? Which would have lead to some great questions of Standow.

For example:

“Mr. Standow, did you decide to remove the video from YouTube after you had an at length discussion with Knezovich?”

“But Standow ends up talking to Knezovich at length, too. He says Knezovich argues that while what had happened to Zillmer was horrible and tragic, it wasn’t illegal. Standow begins to develop sympathy for the sheriff’s perspective, for the pressure he and his deputies are under.”

“Mr. Standow did you turn the video over to law enforcement, if so who did you give it to and how long were you “sitting on it”?”

Sit on it

As many of you know I’m trying to get to the bottom of the Standow Video issue, and the only way I can is via one of those dreaded Public Records Requests!



This is interesting:

“Is he a double agent?” Knezovich recalls thinking. “Is he trying to play both sides.”

It appears Walters reached out to Ozzie for some insight on his Standow Story! Good thinking Ozzie, and who the heck knows for sure, on May 3rd, 2018 Brian Standow says you are his enemy:

He is my enemy

Then on August 12th, 2018 Standow says you two are friends:



So, you got me Oz, but if Standow is your friend, and he must be if this is true because I don’t think John Q would get the same treatment from you:

“After Standow is arrested on a domestic violence charge in August of 2016, he meets with Knezovich, pleading with him to look into his case. Knezovich says he talked with the prosecutor, the prosecutor agreed the case against Standow was weak, and the case was later dropped.”

On the other hand, though Oz, if Standow is your friend why would he claim to me and others that you set up an enemy and were behind the whole Allsup fiasco?



I don’t know about you Ozzie, but I wouldn’t trust the guy and if I were to do another story on Standow I sure as heck would seek one heck of a lot of corroborative documents and information about anything he says…just like I do with the Dumpy!

After all:

“It’s like Spy vs. Spy. They’re always determined to get each other.”

But…but…you said it was all Ozzie’s fault Mr. Standow…so which is it?

“They crucified me for telling Ozzie,” Standow says. “They believe this is all Ozzie’s fault.”


I suppose now I’ll also get tagged with being a “frequent media critic” just like frequent conservative critic Shawn Vestal tagged me with being a “frequent police critic”, but I call it like I see it good or bad.