Ozzie Jiminy Shea Volz




Since Sheriff Ozzie Knezovich is at this point the only individual to ever refuse to provide what is known as a Nissen Affidavit/Declaration in all of the Public Records Requests I have made over the years, to many different government agencies, I was forced to file a lawsuit/complaint in Spokane County Superior Court. I had appealed to Spokane County Public Records Officer Mr. Steven Kinn, and even contacted the Washington State Attorney General Public Records Ombuds Mr. Morgan Damerow who gave it his best shot, but the County and Ozzie wouldn’t budge… so here we are.

One of the advantages government has over John Q Citizen is that they know full well that most folks won’t file a lawsuit because of the costs involved including hiring a lawyer. My CFO wasn’t really excited about having to pony up the money for the case yet gain but I was able to convince her I could do it myself (Pro se) and save some lawyer fees… whether I can handle it Pro se or not remains to be seen but we will give it a shot, and if need be I’ll bring in the big guns.

This PRA lawsuit deals with just one of Ozzie’s refusals to provide Nissen Affidavits other PRRs to the County so I anticipate this won’t be the last lawsuit I have to bring.

You can read the 19-page Summons and Complaint at the link below if you are interested it gives you a pretty good idea of what has transpired so far. I realize it will be a real tough read for Daniel Walters,  Larry Cebula, and Marguerite Gibson would have a tough time reading and understanding it, but I don’t think most folks will have a problem. I imaged the Summons and page 1 of the Complaint in case folks don’t want to read the whole thing.


A. Breen v County of Spokane, SCSO, Knezovich Summons 1 - Copy

B. Breen v County of Spokane, SCSO, Knezovich Summons (2)


C. Breen v County of Spokane, SCSO, Knezovich Summons (1)

You are probably interested in why Matt Shea and Mike Volz are pictured above with Ozzie and Jiminy Cricket? That’s an easy one to figure out… I hope both of them read this story! I’m pretty sure Mike Volz will because he was involved in this PRR and demonstrated his “HIGH STANDARDS + ACCOUNTABILITY = PROFESSIONALISM” by being the first one to provide me with a Nissen Affidavit.



Come on Mr. Shea and Mr. Volz we don’t need our Public Servants like Ozzie Knezovich trying to hide stuff from the Press and the Public!!!