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Sheriff Knezovich’s radicalized hatred for Matt Shea and Scott Maclay is extremely well documented, and since Ozzie strongly backed Travis Pendell’s lawsuit against Maclay some folks might wonder how that lawsuit is coming along.



A key factor in the lawsuit is of course did Travis Pendell have possession of the murder weapon used by Roy Murry. The truth is no one actually knows for sure, however the public records seem to indicate he may have, but no real effort was made to determine whether he did or not, and if Pendell did have possession of the murder weapon and surreptitiously returned it to Roy Murry that wouldn’t look good at all for Ozzie, the SCSO, or Pendell.

There may be some leads to follow-up that could have been exposed in Travis Pendell’s recent deposition for the lawsuit. If for example in the deposition Pendell actually identified by name the individual he handed the weapons over to then that would be a good investigative lead. If Pendell even went further and finally admitted that Roy Murry was present during the transfer to this individual that of course would be another lead. Of course, if that did happen it creates a big problem for Pendell’s lawyer in the lawsuit and also a big problem for Ozzie, Prosecutor Larry Haskell, an ATF Agent, or any agency taking a close look at the SCSO.

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If anyone actually read the Hines IA Report on Pendell, with all the leads available for follow-up the question arises as to why in the world Sheriff Knezovich would dump the investigation when it wasn’t complete.

Stop Investigation Ozzie

Boy…you got me…maybe Shea’s and Maclay’s lawyers will ask Ozzie during his deposition???





My news blog is mined quite often by many people including lawyers, and this particular Ozzie/Buff Episode really caught some interest and if you watch it you might see why.


I pulled out some quotes I thought were interesting:

(Oz) “although Roy Murry subsequently regained possession of the .233 pistol that had been temporarily possessed by Travis Pendell it is not known when that occurred.”

(Buff) “Wait a minute…wait a second…Pendell had the .223 and somehow Murry got it back?”

(Oz) Right here Travis gave it to another guy and Murry ends up with it back and he was legally able to own firearms then.”

(Buff) “What did Travis say about that?”

(Oz) “What do you mean?”

(Buff) What did Travis Pendell say about who he gave it to and stuff?”

(Oz) “He said he gave it to one of Roy’s friends who wanted the guns.”

(Buff) “Who was the guy.”

(Oz) “We don’t know the guy’s name and Travis doesn’t remember the guy’s name.” (Buff) “Oh, he doesn’t remember the guy’s name.”

(discussion about I-594)

(Buff) “What year was that?”

(Oz) “Unknown.”

(Buff) “Unknown what year he gave it to the guy?”

(Oz) “Exactly!”

(Buff) Well it is something to consider, I’m giving you some investigative leads here Ozzie.”

(Oz) “What’s there to investigate… the gun wasn’t involved?” (Buff) “I don’t have the slightest idea I’m waiting for you to get there…but nobody talked to this guy?”

(Oz) “We don’t know who he is.”

(Buff) “Pendell forgot who he was?”

(Oz) “Never got the guy’s name he didn’t care.”

(Buff) “Oooh okay!”

(Oz) “He was holding these firearms for Roy Murry when Roy Murry said hey I got a friend who wants these guns Travis said fine.”

(Buff) “Oh, Murry contacted him and said he’s got a friend that wants these guns, so Murry would know who the guy was anyway?”

(Oz) “Probably.”


The later portion of the video above does include some discussion of Ozzie’s lawsuits, in case you are interested.


Needless to say, I haven’t eaten any crow… although someone else has over and over!!! 😊

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