Ozzie and Tyler in Uniform

With respect to the Gail Bass claim against the County, it sure could be. You might remember that I covered Ozzie Knezovich’s attempts to prove me a liar extensively on this news sight. It was all Ozzie’s Dog and Pony Show…or at least he thought it was, but it didn’t quite work out that way for him, in a number of areas including information I got out of him regarding Phil Tyler. During that all-day extravaganza Ozzie accused me of using interview techniques to get answers from him…now why in the world would I have to do that with an elected Spokane County Sheriff?

Obviously, I knew a lot about the situation involving Ozzie, Tyler and McGrath long before the Ozzie/Buff extravaganza but here are two segments of the Ozzie/Buff Episodes that Ozzie wanted made public that might interest you as they have some lawyers.

Here is just a smidgen of what Ozzie revealed:

Baiting the hook starts at about 4:33 of Episode Two in the Ozzie/Buff Series “Phil Tyler let’s talk about Phil Tyler, you won’t talk about it because you were embarrassed by it weren’t you? At about 16:43 “Can we talk about Phil Tyler now and your IA complaints…Did you cover up for Phil Tyler Oz?”


Setting the hook starts at about 9:46 of Episode Seven in the Ozzie/Buff Series, “Like for example Phil Tyler has done some training utilized your stuff…”



What is interesting about the Tyler/Ozzie relationship is that when Tyler was transferred from Jail to training because of the problems he created in jail and was eventually dropped from Lieutenant to Sergeant, Phil Tyler while in the SCSO training unit started his own consulting business “Wisdom in Words” in October of 2013.

Tyler City Business Lic 1

Tyler City Business Lic 2



Something that would cause any seasoned investigator to question, especially given the special relationship Sheriff Knezovich has with Tyler, is whether or not Ozzie allowed Tyler to use Spokane County letter head and facilities to further Tyler’s personal business, as this training announcement seems to suggest. Although I doubt the Fossum Investigation has looked into this aspect, it certainly raises questions in my mind.

Tyler Training 1

Tyler Training 2

Consulting businesses like Tyler’s, Ozzie’s, and Libby Wagoner’s can be lucrative, especially if you are able to get contracts based upon relationships with government entities like Spokane County and the City of Spokane where there is lots of taxpayer money to spend as Tyler’s contracts with the City of Spokane demonstrate even though he charged them half price. Seriously $8000 bucks???

Tyler 2014 City Contrat Costs


***What you might find interesting about the contract above is that dates on the contract and how they correlate to Tyler leaving his position with Spokane County in December of 2014.

Tyler 2016 City Contract Costs


*** NOTE TO FOLLOWER. Yes, that is a Scott Simmons signature.


Another important thing to consider in the Gail Bass claim against Spokane County is that in Knezovich’s deposition, in the case where Tyler sued the County, Ozzie alleged that the Jail Staff were racist against his close friend Tyler and the County settled with Tyler for $100,000.00 out of Court, something the Jail staff were none too happy about.