Well, he obviously does and on a much larger scale than Mayor Condon and SPD have. One has to assume that on the Federal Level there is a full court press to find the leakers. Here in Spokane, in case you have forgotten, I learned that our own “Leak Investigation” is still in full swing.


“What happens right now is someone calls Brian Breen and says ‘Hey, go request that one,'” Beggs says. “That should not be the way it happens.”


It has been nearly a month since the IA Investigation was started so I thought I would check in with SPD to see if they had rounded up the usual suspects and fired them or disciplined the heck out of them. I got this response.


“Hi Brian.

The “leak investigation” is not over. It is still on-going. Do you have a PRR for that investigation already?”

My response was pretty simplistic.

No PRR yet, I thought I would wait until you rounded up all the “Usual Suspects”!


McMurtrey the son-in-law of a retired SPD Cop certainly had every right to file an IA Complaint but I would have to wonder why other cops haven’t done the same, including for example current and retired Officers O’Brien, Ponto, Uberuaga, Harvey, Lynch, Burbridge, Coleman, Madsen, Cowles, Estes, Anderson, Pence, just to name a few. Maybe they have and I just haven’t heard about it.


I’m sure I exacerbated things for the Mayor and Craig Meidl when I submitted a PRR regarding the case of Officer John O’Brien.


PRR O'Brien

Farnsworth O'Brien


So where do we stand on getting the real scoop on the McMurtrey cover-up PRR?

Farnsworth McMurtrey


For folks that don’t recall my McMurtrey PRR actually forced Mayor Condon and Craig Meidl to have a press conference releasing the McMurtrey Body Camera Video a year or so after the incident took place.

It will be interesting to see how Meidl describes the O’Brien Body Camera Video, as far as being atrocious is concerned.

A problem Mayor Condon and Meidl might have if they decide to throw the book at O’Brien, is the precedent set in the non-discipline of McMurtrey. It is hard to tell how an Arbitrator might look at that if there is an appeal and Meidl’s public comments are well documented.

Of course the fact that the two individuals involved in both the McMurtrey and O’Brien cases are African American has to raise some eyebrows with the NAACP. Now that Ozzie’s, Craig and Traci Meidl’s good friend Phil Tyler has stepped down as President of the local NAACP it will be interesting to see how the NAACP handles this.

Perhaps Phil Tyler has plans, aside from his political ambitions, to end up working for Ozzie’s consulting business… who knows.


New leadership always means new directions.


Spokane Police Chief Craig Meidl attended the event. He said no one invited him, but he saw information about it on social media and wanted to come and show support for Spokane’s community of color.


“God tells us to bear each other’s burdens,” Meidl said.


We will always need Investigative Journalists to keep us informed, but it would sure be helpful if the Mayor, SPD, City Council, OPOC, and the OPO got their act together!