When Sheriff Ozzie gets caught in whoopers his first reaction is to accuse the individual who catches him of being a liar, apparently his second tactic is just to try and claim that Court Records and Depositions aren’t facts just “old dirt”, then run away and try and hide.

Just old dirt



The above email Ozzie sent to me was in response to this email I sent him, and is the only response Ozzie has chosen to make.

To Ozzie RE Wagner 1To Ozzie RE Wagner 2To Ozzie RE Wagner 3


To put things in perspective Libby Wagner is this gal who operates a business known as Libby Wagner & Associates a division of Professional Leadership Results, Inc.

Libby Wagner Assoc



John McGrath who according to the Court Documents works for her sure thinks she is great, and she might well be, but in reading the Tyler lawsuit, and given the recent litigation with the County Jail System, the County could probably use more of her help.

John McGrath Libby Stroke



She also operates this business, “Influencing Options”:

Workshops and Training



Is that Phil in the image above?


Why Ozzie won’t tell me whether we Citizen’s paid for Tyler’s and McGrath’s training and apparently wants me to do a PRR is beyond me, especially since he continually complains about the cost and time involved in people doing PRRs? Heck she even lists the Spokane County Sheriff’s Office as a Client, so what’s the big deal Ozzie?


ClientsPRR Ozzie

I can’t help but wonder if Ozzie doesn’t want to tell me if the Spokane County Sheriffs Office was paying for Libby Wagner is because if they were, my next question would be; “Ozzie, since the Court Records indicate both Tyler and McGrath were working for Libby Wagner while the County was paying her, wouldn’t that be unethical, and perhaps even illegal?”

On the other hand, since Ozzie has started his own business “Delta Training and Consulting LLC” maybe he doesn’t want me or other folks to know what kind of money one can make in that business… who knows?



As far as “old dirt” goes the Tyler lawsuit, not surprisingly, was settled giving Tyler $100K of taxpayer dollars. I’m sure attorney fees that had to be paid by the County to Evans, Craven, & Lackey were not very cheap.

One of Tyler’s big complaints was that when he was put off on paid leave they took his County cell phone way from him, so he couldn’t talk to his son. Perhaps if they had just let him keep his County cell phone it might not have cost us all the money.



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