Sheriff Ozzie, as he likes to be referred to, seems to be unwilling to respond to legitimate questions regarding documents that call into question not only his leadership but also his veracity.

In most cases when I have asked questions of OUR elected Sheriff, I get a quick response which includes some kind of a caustic remark. Such is not the case regarding follow-up questions to this story.

The above story was a follow-up story to this one.

The questions were simple and direct and as of yet go unanswered which undoubtedly will require further investigation via the Public Records Act, a law Ozzie has distain for as its use tends to call into question the statements he makes to the Public and the Media, as opposed to statements, and evidence in public documents and under oath.

Just a few questions

The second story linked above, shows some of Ozzie’s responses to the Spokesman Review article about Phillip Waine Tyler’s attempt to run for Spokane City Council, and the rave reviews the Wizard gave him.

Why an individual like Tyler where there is no available evidence that he has ever registered to vote would be interested in a City Council Position is well beyond me.

Tyler Vote 1Tyler Vote 2Track Your BallotCity Council here I come


Not registering to vote is one thing, but to be elected as a Delegate to the Democratic Precinct Caucuses is another.

Democratic Precinct Caucus

I’m sure that this story will cause some people who don’t know me to accuse me of being a racist bigot, nothing could be further from the truth. The fact is, I brought up the Phillip Tyler issue during the Ozzie/Buff Episodes not only out of my own concerns about Tyler and his close relationship with Sheriff Knezovich and Chief Meidl but also concerns expressed to me by others, including really GOOD COPS. You folks pay me a great salary with great benefits so I took on this job of getting the truth out knowing full well I would be subject to being called names, and efforts would be made to silence and question my veracity. That isn’t a big deal to me! Getting to the truth in Spokane is far more important than any slings and arrows that might come my way, and keep in mind that TRUTH IS THE ULTIMATE DEFENSE!

Trying to get a handle on the issues involving race relations when never ever happen when the key figures in the game are nothing more than PLAYERS, with a self-serving agenda, and that is exactly how I view what is going on in Spokane, as usual… TOO DAMN MANY PLAYERS… each with their own self-serving agenda. Players use other players to get what they want, and help them to look good in the Public Eye.

In Spokane, we continually repeat our history because people ignore it and want to completely forget about it, sweep it under the rug, and pretend like it never happened. It is always difficult to get those types of individuals to wake up, primarily because they absolutely refuse to accept the truth, and want to ignore it and let it fade.

A perfect example of ignoring the truth is Very Liberal Spokesman Review Columnist Shawn Vestal.

Vestal Tweet

We all know about this story Vestal wrote.

Dolezal story Vestal

As well as his half-assed Mia Culpa.

“But what has nagged at me for weeks was the sense that it was a mistake given what I knew then – nothing concrete, but a continuous sense that there was something hinky about the report or about Dolezal, and that her tendency to race into the spotlight and juice up details – to get the bigger gun – should have influenced me more than it did.”

Vestal even got a mention by former Spokesman Review Reporter Kelly McBride in her Poynter story.

“I probably didn’t even give it 15 seconds of thought,” said Vestal, a columnist at The Spokesman-Review, during a phone interview this week.

Perhaps Vestal should give more than just “15 seconds of thought” to exactly what is going on now, and he isn’t the only one. He probably also should have given some thought to the warning he was given prior to his writing his now infamous Rachel Dolezal story…yes Shawn I know.

Vestal, understandably is not a fan of Matt Shea, nor is he a fan of the Republican Party, but he sure as heck is a fan of Ozzie Knezovich, and is more than willing to completely ignore any facts that put Sheriff Ozzie in a bad light, the big question is WHY?

“Knezovich and Marske deserve credit for taking this step. It is another example of Knezovich’s approach to criticism and complaint; where some dodge or hide, he often tries to take questions straight and to take them seriously. There is nothing compelling either him or Marske to undertake such an effort other than a desire to address a public controversy in a public way.”

“Rather than come to the defense of one of their most widely popular elected officials, Spokane County Sheriff Ozzie Knezovich”



  1. Buff,

    Had an interesting conversation with a PFD insider last weekend who was a witness to the infamous “disarming the sheriff” incident at the Arena. Contrary to the pic Ozzie produced showing him in suit and packing his lovely Spartan-inspired piece, this witness states that Ozzie showed up at the arena with aforementioned piece but dressed in jeans and a sweatshirt. He was simply asked to speak with the event coordinator before entering armed. Apparently sensing a good headline rather than doing that he left in a huff and was next sighted on KHQ spinning his sad tale.

    Sam Vimes

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  2. Clearly, there us no tragedy that The Ozman won’t use to get his fugly mug in front of a camera. Disgusting!

    And I’m sure, in the coming months, Ozman will use the school shooting as another reason his department needs more money, more money, more money.

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  3. I have just about completed a thing I made up for HSI and the gang, I’ll CC you Brian when I do. I believe that most crime leaves a trail, especially when there is a conspiracy.

    The more moving parts to a conspiracy, the more likely somebody is going to mess up and make a mistake, or copies of files set to be destroyed don’t get all the copies.

    Ive learned while researching finacial crime and fraud that you look for how they thought they were going to get away with it, and then follow the trail of lies used to coverup that criminal conspiracy.

    Its the same with organized crime in Las Vegas, gun runners in fast and furious, or major crimes investigations into a 15 year old kids death when a cop is involved. They leave tracts..

    I want and need a Sheriff Department that can admit when they make a mistake, or act when they find one or two of their own lie. I’m including reserve officers too. It hurts when we learn someone close to us lies, but accepting that we’ve been lied to is the first step towards fixing that hurt.

    Just saying Brian, if you’re hated for telling the truth, then Ozzie was right when he said the society has made doing what is right, wrong.

    And thats just plained FUBAR.

    Sincerely Tim (a not so secret source).

    P.S. They paid me back by slipping an update that left my iPad unusable the night after my last email to you.

    I’m thinking they’re trying to destroy electronic bread crumbs as they try and hide the mess they created.

    Anyway All My Best, another Deplorable..

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