“National Model” for police oversight my arse.

In an email to Logue, Chief Craig Meidl ensured SPD’s “complete cooperation.”

This will be interesting!

Some of my readers will recall that when Mayor Condon, Steve Salvatori, and Mike Allen were trying to sell the Tentative Agreement between the City and the Spokane Police Guild they had public meetings to grease the sales job. I attended the meeting at the West Central Community Center and spoke pointing out that the agreement was a joke and gave complete control of Oversight as well as Body Cameras to the Guild. I also very specifically pointed out that the OPO would never be able to conduct an independent investigation without compelling statements through Garrity. I directly asked Frank Straub if he would compel his cops to give statements to the OPO. Straub of course in front of the video camera said he would. Of course, as we know it has never happened. The very first memo OPO Logue should write to Meidl is a request to Meidl that during his investigation of the House of Charity OIS that ALL Cops be compelled by Meidl to give him statements under Garrity v New Jersey.

The problem Logue will run into is that the ultimate decision for compelling the statements from cops will be with Mayor David Condon, and we all know what happened when I recommended to Council President Stuckart that he try and force Condon to invoke Garrity during the Cappel Investigation.

Condon refused to do it!

What will also be interesting in this whole fiasco is the role new City Attorney Mike Ormsby who was Championed by none other than Mayor David Condon, his guy James McDevitt, and Council President Ben Stuckart.

Here is some Hilarious Spokane Stuff (HSS) historical background regarding the Guild contract you may enjoy!

GM and BS


The problem with Gretchen McDevitt commenting on news stories, as she often does, is that you never know if it is really Gretchen or her husband James McDevitt.

JM using GM


Attention OPO Logue!!!

Aside from the House of Charity OIS, this one needs careful scrutiny especially the Body Camera Video, and the DFRB!

The OPO is ALL UNDER… UNDER FUNDED, UNDER STAFFED, UNDER AUTHORIZED, UNDER VOICED and will still be that way as long as the Unions have control. The only way out is through legitimate hard fought negotiations, which unfortunately Mayor Condon is responsible for, and not the City Council. No matter how hard Breean Beggs tries to get a new OPO Ordinance passed it is meaningless and it is time to face that fact. Condon and Straub threw away Prop I in the last negotiation, which by the way on the Guild side is being handled once again by Whitworth Grad Hillary McClure who easily kicked the City’s butt last time, and likely will again.

When all is said and done maybe the hiring of Teresa Sanders friend to be the Personal Trainer for all the City Staff might be a good thing as the City Council will likely need to get in shape for the battle ahead!