Have they all left Spokane?


It has been a while since we have read about a big fraud case here in Spokane, and I’m afraid we might lose our national status as the “Fraud Capital of the Nation”. SPD and the SCSO don’t work big fraud cases and basically leave it up to the Feds despite what you were told in this story.




Come on Mike Ormsby let’s get those folks down there going we have a lot of members of the Defense Bar that need some cases.


Most of my readers know how closely I followed this case since I was aware of all of the various local associates Jeffreys had and a lot about his favorite hangout the now defunct “MarQuee Lounge”. Since it used to be my job to keep up on all this kind of stuff when I was working Intel at SPD, I just can’t seem to break the habit… sorry about that.




I always felt that if the Jeffreys case went to trial it would give Spokane folks an idea of how things work here in Spokane, but it didn’t…oh well…that is the way it goes.


Another local fraud case I’ve been watching with my Pacer Account roll along and subsequently end… well maybe… is this one…can’t break the darn habit.




Perhaps this will help you to remember:



Here is the indictment in case you are interested:



Here is the Granted Motion to Dismiss in case you are interested:




I kind of look at things differently than most reporters because of my background but the Tangen Dismissal Without Prejudice could mean something… then again maybe not…who knows.


Of course Jeremy Tangen has for a long time been pretty close to some of the movers, shakers, and political folks in this town as has his old partner Matt Goodwin. Including Mayor Condon, and a lot of the Downtown Folks.






Jeremy also I’m sure has made several friends on the Downtown Spokane BID Board:






Jeremy has been on the BID Board for a few years even before he was indicted so he has probably made quite a few friends over the years.






I would assume that Mr. Tangen remains on the BID Board because he now is the owner of “Gaslamp” in the Cowles Family River Park Square, which has become kind of a hangout for the Downtown Crew.






For some reason it looks like the Gaslamp might be in Steve Tangen’s name.




This all kind of reminds me of an old SR Story Bill Morlin did when he worked for the Spokesman Review, I happened to know a little bit about.






I have quite a bit more on this but I have a meeting I have to go to. 🙂






  1. After reading your “Fraudsters” post, I did a Google search and found a story produced by KHQ regarding asset forfeiture. It sounded like Carly Cortright got on the bad side of Straub since he wanted to use those assets in manner that was not allowed and Ms Cortright tried to advise Straub against it. In the same story, apparently Lt Joe Walker filed a whistleblower complaint involving the improper use of those assets. I am of the opinion that corruption in the SPD and at city hall in general has become worse under the boy mayor. The CC has failed in their fiduciary responsibilities to correct these problems and no one will be held responsible.

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    1. The reason Carly Cortright was transferred out of SPD was widely known at the time she was transferred, and yes it was because she stood up to Straub regarding the way he was spending money primary from the Forfeiture Fund, as well as his conduct.

      I reported the reason for her transfer shortly after it took place, tipped the SR, I harped on it over and over. I continually called for an audit, but to no avail, so the truth wasn’t widely disseminated in the press to the public until after the Cotton/Straub affair was finally made public.

      Currently, according to Councilmember Breean Begg’s newsletter, he is working on an ordinance regarding the Forfeiture Fund, which is fine, except that it is premature until the fund is independently audited so that the money flow and week points are documented. Needless to say I have continually emailed the CC expressing the need for an audit FIRST!

      Just a few:

      The problem for the public is that the City Council has decided to allow SPD to continue downward hoping for changes when Condon leaves office because it is far more politically expedient to look ahead than to do the right thing for the public as a whole.

      As far as developing City Ordinances is concerned you have to watch this administration like a hawk and try and make sure they don’t attempt to throw CYA language into the Ordinance.

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