Here are just a few of my old comments regarding Carly Cortright. Keep in mind my efforts to bring things to light included emails to the SR and others. What say you Addy Hatch, Gary Graham, and Nick Deshais???


Is there any wonder why the SR Doesn’t like my comments???



Me Cortright 1Me Cortright 2

Me Cortright 3










  1. Regarding “Even More Embarrassing”…could it get even more? I believe that it can and it will!

    So far you are batting 1000 …Sled~Review can not delete you fast enough. And Chuck is being chilly to his bromance Sled…chill in the air dude chill. Even Green Libertarian doesn’t want to mess with BB. At least not anymore.

    If only the Sled~Review would have taken your info and investigated it like that Hatch person (who ever that is…lol) said they would do, and then reported on it. If only! We possibly could have been rid of Straub and Condon much sooner rather than later. Realistically though, the Sled~Review wasn’t going to do anything to cast aspersions on their boy Condon no matter how much it costs taxpayers or how stinky the scandal.

    So the Sled~Review finally starts to write the articles that they could have, should have, but didn’t write over 1-2 years ago…nothing like rear view mirror reporting. I would have thought that they would have learned after getting scooped by the CDA Press on the Dolezal story. Vestal is still butt hurt over that one. And the Sled~Review is so bitter about it that the mere mention of it gets one banned from their comments threads.

    The best best part for me, in this dump of everything that’s old is new again information, is you were right. You were trying to get this out to the public and kept getting shut down. Second best part? The Inlander is nipping at the Sled~Review’s heels and I’m sure the swell paper hates it.

    Keep at ’em, Buff!
    : )

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