You Knew This Was Coming and So Did The SR

The Story linked below appeared in the Spokesman Review on Friday (of course) January 24th, 2016.


The story of course has to make one wonder why Nick Deshais and the Spokesman Review has waited so long to write this story. Is it Nick Deshais friendship with Brian Coddington from working together in the past? Were stories spiked by SR Editors and Managers? Keep in mind Addy Hatch was provided all of the information regarding Straub’s history in 2013 including all the information from Indianapolis about the way Straub acted toward his employees. Hatch told the individual supplying the information that the story was assigned to Jonathan Brunt and he would write it when he returned from maternity leave. The story of course was never published and the question is why?


Another question now becomes what did Nick Deshais know and when did he know it, so I think it is important for my readers to know what he had and when he had it. Deshais did have a source for a lot of the detail regarding Cotton/Straub, as did I have several sources. I was aware of the Carly Cortright situation soon after she was transferred and did provide the information to the SR who ignored it, I also pointed out how important of a witness she is regarding the Forfeiture and Contributions Fund, and other money Straub was spending. The Inlander was the first to tell part of her story, and I’m sure she will be telling the “Independent Investigator” quite a bit.


Below are links to the information Deshais received in his PRR, which he received prior to September 29, 2015 the day I received the same information from my PRR. On September 29th, 2015 I also received copies of very telling text messages between Angie Napolitano and Monique Cotton because my PRR included a text message request. I offered the text messages to the SR but of course because those text messages would have shade light upon what was going on prior to the election they never took up my offer.



As far as Deshais’s recent story the only thing he didn’t have were the “notes” which of course only the SR has seen.

I’m sorry I know there are a lot of documents to read which Deshais had prior to the election, if you read them all though you will understand the situation. I received these documents directly from the City of Spokane if any one objects to information which has not been redacted that should have been please contact Terri Pfister the City Clerk.

I will have more on this later.


Text Messages









One thought on “You Knew This Was Coming and So Did The SR

  1. A veritable treasure trove!

    I had to acknowledge the doc dump before diving in to read them as I know it will take some time, likely several sittings, to go through them all.

    That article in the Sled Review (as you refer to the rag) was laughable. Anyone that has followed you and read your blog knows more about the Straub/Cotton scandal than the Sled Review has had the balls to “report” on. And like you, I’m unsure if the stories are being killed, spiked, pulled, or ignore?
    Thanks again Brian. Really like your blog page and all the work you put into it.

    Liked by 1 person

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