This story appears today in the PNW Inlander and should open some eyes.


More people are coming forward on the record that help to establish Monique Cotton’s allegation of sexual harassment against Frank Straub. Brad Arleth and Carly Cortright it appears would offer great testimony in any lawsuit Frank Straub might bring against the City of Spokane, there are several others that have not yet come forward publically who would do the same.


As I have mentioned before the only thing Frank Straub via Mary Schultz has done is file a claim against OUR CITY, at this point there is no lawsuit and may never be one as a lawsuit by Frank Straub would bring to light a litany of facts which would make his desire to have a career in law enforcement impossible, if it isn’t already. There is a good possibility the claim filed by Straub is just a face saving attempt similar to the claim filed by Straub’s right hand girl in Indianapolis, Ellen Corcella, who was fired shortly after Straub was booted out of Indianapolis and we ended up with him.


This Inlander story also goes to the heart of a couple of issues which I brought up long ago and the Spokesman Review ignored for some reason. Carly Cortright was transferred from SPD to City Hall long before Monique Cotton while her salary was being paid by SPD, primarily for the same reasons but another significant reason to we citizens to consider is this quote from the story.


“Cortright, who had worked for the police department for more than a decade before she moved to a new job in City Hall two years ago, constantly butted heads with Straub over budgetary issues. For her, the culture created under his leadership punished honesty.”


In all of my dealings with Carly Cortright I have found her to be extremely honest and she has never given me reason to think otherwise. So the question is, what did Straub want her to be dishonest about was it illegal, or unethical, or dishonest expenditure of OUR MONEY or exactly what was it? The other question we have to ask exactly what were the circumstances surrounding the transfer of Carly Cortright: WHAT DID MAYOR CONDON AND TERESA SANDERS KNOW AND WHEN DID THEY KNOW IT?


Despite my continued attempts to bring the Cortright situation to light, via the Spokesman Review and other places, Condon and Sanders were able to keep it hidden form the public until the Cotton story hit. One would have to think both Condon and Sanders would have considered their ability to keep the Cortright issue hidden when dealing with the Cotton issue, if it worked once it should work again…right?


What is very sad for all of us is that the Spokesman Review, the local media with the biggest budget, the largest reader/viewership, and arguably the most 4th Estate influence sat on everything concerning Condon and Straub. The big question is…Why? I will repeat…Addy Hatch was provided back in 2013 all of the information she needed regarding Frank Straub and his background that should have been used to put the brakes on what has gone on and continues to go on but she sat on it…Why? Addy Hatch told the individual suppling the information (not me) that she had assigned the story to Jonathan Brunt but it never appeared in print…. Why?










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