The Investigative Summary of Kris Cappel which was released to the public is just that a Summary and not an Investigative Report so until I have a chance to review in detail all of transcripts of the interviews I’m limited. Most of those transcripts have been posted on the City Website with the exception of four which apparently aren’t really transcripts from recorded interviews rather are “transcribed from handwritten notes into typed notes” which is of course is problematic.


One important note regarding the Interviews/Statements is that Perjury Affirmations are NOT included in the recordings and they should be. The Perjury Affirmations and Correction Documents are not completed nor signed.

Just a quick look at the interviews/statements already documents exactly what I have been saying for years and some very important issues are not even mentioned in Cappel’s Summary.


So why is my name mentioned a number of times in the Cappel report and why the hell am I involved?

Breen Mention 0

Breen Mention 1

Breen Mention 2

Breen Mention 3


If you notice in the last image above Ms. Cappel makes this statement regarding my PRR “which closely mirrored, but was even broader than Deshais’”. The truth is my PRR was in fact considerably more specific in the very important area of text messages to and from City and Private cellphones used for City Business consistent with the Nissen v Pierce County Case, something no one else had requested and I’m still battling the City about. With respect to my PRR being “even broader than Deshais’” , yes it was, but because this isn’t my first Rodeo, it was crafted in a way that it was broad but not broad enough to allow the City to claim it was too broad. You have to be careful in that area as Ms. Cappel knows, or at least should know.


So why was I lucky enough to get all the attention from Nancy Isserlis and the City Attorney’s Office…because they knew I knew, as did the Mayor.


Some of you who follow me know that the reason I’m here is because the Spokesman Review has not done the job they are ethically obligated to do with Mayor Condon as well as the SPD. Much of the information contained in the Cappel investigation was provided to the SR by myself and others over several years, however even though the documentation and sources were available to them they sat on it. As I have noted in previous stories Addy Hatch of the SR was supplied with a volume of well documented evidence of the type of behavior now again documented in Cappel’s report in Straub’s past stops back in November of 2015. Hatch told the individual providing the documentation she was going to assign the story to Jonathan Brundt when he returned from maternity leave, the story was of course never run nor has Hatch ever challenged or denied my stories regarding this, simply because she can’t as the evidence is well documented.


Folks that follow me also know that one of the reasons I’m up to my neck in this is because of this anonymous letter I received seeking my help.

Letter 001

Envelope 001



There will be lots more to come. I will likely start with the Carly Cortright saga and statement in my next story because I have reported on her story long ago when she was transferred and the fact that, yes… it was her integrity regarding Straub’s expenditures from the “Golden Goose Fund” that caused her transfer, long before Cotton. If the City Council doesn’t read her interview/statement and take the necessary action the Golden Goose Game will continue. Here is just one of many.








  1. Loved the smack down on dueling Dalton, btw. Especially given his attempt to strong-arm you and threaten you over your PRR. Will those hi-jinx be made known to the Bar Association? Does this report impact any of the city attorneys that helped to obstruct the production of PRR materials? Can it be used to file a complaint against them with the state Bar Association?

    Inquiring minds want to know!

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    1. Sure it can help but one would have to develop the complaint on their own. No subpoenas by the City Council means a lot of missing evidence that could only be obtained through litigation discovery, which is a possibility on my part. We shall see.

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