Kipp Hill of the Spokesman Review did a good story regarding Recall for the Sunday September 11, 2016 addition of the SR.


There are far more important things for us to recall on September 11th, and the SR does cover that pretty well here.


But I thought today, aside from remembering 9/11, and to supplement Kipp Hill’s story I would mention just a few of the stories I have written which my readers might want to also recall.


For some reason Mayor Condon never did respond to the last story linked above. I would think it would be a fairly easy response to what was the $15, 000.00 for…but apparently not.




Needless to say my Blog is being mined at a pretty high rate since my complaint against the Mayor and this story. One would fully expect the law firm representing the Mayor in my complaint to mine the heck out of my Blog, but some of the other folks doing so are kind of interesting. 🙂


***I wish I could say more about my complaint…but of course I can’t at this point.


There are lots and lots of things for folks to RECALL, but for today the most important thing to remember is all the people who lost their lives on the morning of Tuesday September 11, 2001, many of whom were Firefighters and Police Officers.






5 thoughts on “RECALL????

  1. Recall? Nope. The judge discounted all 4 charges and the recall process halted right here. Green may appeal to state Supreme Court but at this point it seems unlikely.


    1. I’m not surprised. Don’t think it was there with the available evidence. If Green appeals it is hard to say what the WSSC will do but in the past they have primarily said let the folks vote. The point of my “Recall???” story was to point out a few other things, as well as 9/11.

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  2. Recall? Yes, I do recall how on that fateful day – 15 years ago – first responders ran towards the destruction and mayhem instead of away from it; many perished attempting to help save others.

    On this day of remembrance I want to thank all first responders for selflessly acting in the face of danger. Thank you and may God bless you.

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