People saying over and over again that SPD is a mess and continues to be!

One of the big reasons it is a mess is simply because there is NO ACCOUNTABILTY and the media continues to let the Mayor, City Council, and Police Administration off the hook. When the SR has the perfect opportunity to ask pointed and delving questions they don’t! The question is why they don’t, and if you take the time to read my previous blog posts you would understand why I initiated a FOIA request after receiving an anonymous letter indicating the SR was spiking the Straub/Cotton stories. Here is a quote from the letter “Then before any more press comes out an associate of the Mayor, with ties to the review get this continuing story held until after the election.” (See copy below).

Is there any question why the SR are doing all they can to silence me? There shouldn’t be! Is there ANY QUESTION cops don’t like oversight or criticism. NO! Is the same is true for the media? YES!

Why are these questions not being asked?

1) Given what is happening now with SPD and your public statements about all of the positive reforms that have taken place don’t you now feel that those public statements were exaggerated?

2) The reasons you have given for requesting the resignation of Frank Straub were based at least in part by his Senior Staff alleging he was untruthful and was misrepresenting you, the City Administrator, and others, certainly you must know the specifics of his untruthfulness and how he was misrepresenting you. Will you please explain with specifics what those issues were?

3) When you hired Frank Straub, both Straub and you made the decision not to conduct an administrative investigation into the allegations associated with the Karl Thompson case which included the Department of Justice pointing out that officers had tipped off Karl Thompson regarding the Zehm investigation and in fact had lied to protect him. Those same type of allegations have surfaced again in the Ennis case. Although Officer Moses retired, Officer McIntyre remains on the Department. Frank Straub’s press conference after the Thompson verdict again stressed the need to put the Zehm case behind the SPD. Looking back was the decision you and Frank Straub made not to investigate and discipline officer conduct in the Zehm case one of the reasons we are where we are today with respect to a questionable culture?

4) Recently Frank Straub allowed Lydia Taylor who was found to be lying during an internal investigation into steroid usage to remain a police officer over the objections of her review board. You could have overruled Straub’s decision but chose not to. Do you feel in retrospect that allowing Lydia Taylor to remain on the SPD may have contributed to a culture where untruthfulness, and obstruction of investigations is an acceptable standard if the punishment for doing so will not result in termination?

5) The current Guild contract does not include standards for steroid usage in the drug testing potion of the contract. Do you intend to attempt to rectify that?

6) Independent Culture Audits are common place in the private sector, and a previous “Culture Audit/Study” was conducted upon the SPD by WSU (WISCO) back in 1993, the lead analyst in that study was Dr. Quinton Thurman who was at WSU at the time, have you reviewed that study and the analytical process involved or any of the analytical approaches to “Culture Audits in the private sector?

7) When will you be providing Brian Breen with the text messages regarding the Straub/Cotton issue, the ones he confronted you about on the Mike Fitzsimmons Show and you stated you and Frank were going over and he would get all of them? We understand Breen recorded that portion of the radio show.

Hell…I could come up with 100 more that should be asked but never will be.


On Wednesday interim Police Chief Rick Dobrow said that an internal investigation has been launched to determine if any officers hindered the investigation into the alleged assault.

Dobrow said during Thursday’s press conference that his department is cooperating fully with the investigations into the alleged assault and the alleged evidence tampering.

Why…if you are trying to test your ability to do a parallel IA with Criminal Investigation like COPS/DOJ recommended would you use this case Chief Dobrow?

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