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Let me first explain that I’m going to try and be a good client for my lawyers and be somewhat guarded. But I want to make it clear that my decision to purse this isn’t for any political reasons, I don’t have any specific political ideology. I’m not a Democrat, Republican, nor do I hold any other political alignment or ideology, I truly am an independent. I wanted to make sure that at least one person or organization, with standing stepped up and pursued the truth.

My sole purpose is to get to the truth, and as I have stated many times, in Spokane, unfortunately, the only way to get to the truth is through litigation where individuals can be deposed under oath, evidence obtained through the Court’s discovery process, and where a Judge can review claims of Attorney Client Privilege. The Otto Zehm Case is a perfect example, had the Center for Justice not agreed to help the Zehm family to purse litigation the truth never would have come out.


Mayor Condon has recently blamed the recall efforts against him as politically motivated by Democrats, and the Center for Justice. I want to be absolutely clear my complaint has nothing to do with the recall efforts. Long before the recall effort was initiated or the Cappel Report was released I contacted the Center for Justice. That contact was on March 1st, 2016 and I asked if they would be interested in representing me in this matter. They did not come to me; I went to them!



The reason I reached out to the Center for Justice has nothing to do with any alignment I have with them, I disagree with the positions they take on a number of issues, but one I vehemently agree with is the need in this City for Independent Oversight. I have never had any real involvement with the CFJ other then I asked them to take my case on as they have other cases. Since they aren’t involved in any way with the recall, it only made sense.



Undoubtedly someone will suggest that I’m in it for the money. Nothing could be further from the truth and I fully intend to donate the proceeds of this case to groups that advocate for Independent Oversight?



I wasn’t the least bit surprised. Based on my past experience with earlier Public Records Requests I had submitted, which provided a good picture of how City Hall handles these things, it was not a surprise. But that is an area I won’t get into at this point.



Yes, I do, and I believe the Cappel Report makes that clear. I don’t want to get into any detail but the first response to my PRR, which was on September 29th 2015, made it clear to me that it was going to be a battle to get responsive regards, prior to the election, or anytime in the near future.



I’m willing to go to the extent necessary to get to the truth.



***I will be happy to answer any questions you might have that I feel can without jeopardizing the litigation, so please feel free to ask by commenting here.







  1. You have raised some hackles on people Brian, which means you are doing a spectacular job. Thank you for being a stand-up citizen which is rare these days

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  2. I’ve followed the SR comments section for years. ‘Sled’ strikes me as a liberal, ‘please feel sorry’ for me crybaby, and he’s rude to anyone who disagrees with him.
    You rock, Brian, keep telling it like it is!

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      1. Well there are quite a few of us who are not a fan of infantile obsessive behavior. Do you admit to making 30+ profiles on disqus that include such names like “Andrew Don’t Vote” and “Andrew is not a Jew?” Who does that but an old man like you stuck with a mental age of 6?

        And people admire you? Well, I can only speak of a couple but your fans are a motley bunch. lol


            1. Rosey,
              Every time someone comments on here I get an email with an annoying ding sound on my computer so I check. If you are going to be doing this all day you will have to wait for a response until I get caught up on some stuff for a reply.

              Trust me I can’t sing worth a damn so a sing along is not a good idea. As far as “missy” and “Jamie” are concerned unlike you I practice LULU no matter who the individual is, so I have NO PROBLEMS with either one, they certainly haven’t falsely accused me of anything. So take that for what you think it is worth. If you happen to know Ms. Ohm would you please pass on a GFY for me?

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        1. I’m a female, and I’m not ‘motley’.
          I don’t comment on the SR threads, just read them for entertainment. The ‘sled’ guy annoys me horribly. IMO he’s the poster child for liberals. (Yes, I’m an evil gun toting conservative) My observation has been that he attacks anyone who disagrees with his liberal pie in the sky ideologies, and on and on.
          I’ve always liked Mr Breens insights on that thread. I don’t know, or care, about silly schoolyard drama that goes on behind the scenes. I like reading comments that provide further insite into a story, which Mr Breen used to provide.
          I still say, thank you Brian, you rock! And keep up the good work!

          Motley, evil conservative female.

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            1. I’m glad you found my Blog, actually it is easy to find without Twitter, and I’m glad you follow it. I don’t mind your comments either. Please just don’t falsely accuse me of anything and we will be just fine.


              1. I have absolutely no reason to accuse you of anything. I’m just an SR reader of comments, and IMO, all you’ve done is brought out info on our corrupt city government, and bad cops. I imagine you’re not very popular with some people for doing that.
                Lol, I’m done, have exceeded my quota for online comments for the year, have dishes to wash 😀. Keep up the good work!

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          1. Thank you and I agree about the fraudster Sled. I’m not a Liberal or a Conservative so I take some heat from both sides, but recently it has mostly been from Liberals like “Anonymous” and others who IMO really need some lessons in the old adage that there aren’t any secrets. 🙂

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  3. Sir:
    May I commend you on the actions you have taken on the PRR debacle.
    If only one person in every community across the country had the experience, time and tenacity to persue public officials who do everthing in their power to confound and confuse the folks who elected them, we might not have the obvious charlatans running for President we are having forced upon us today.

    Thanks again and give ’em hell!

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  4. I was happy to read that you are going to continue your efforts to expose the truth without any kind of enforcement for the court I have learned that all that happens with PRR is game playing which becomes offensive after time goes on like in my case. I fully support all your efforts Brian it’s not about the money like me you are in seek of the truth I am in seek of Justice and that is what drives me to keep going & also my children who are the ones who pay the ultimate price for all this. Please read my story there are 2 published and more to come Google search The Gold Bar Reporter Spokane County. Good Luck Brian! 🍀

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  5. Do you have any idea when your complaint will be heard?

    Also, can you link to the complaint? The Inlander has it up on their site but I haven’t seen it linked elsewhere.

    Thanks again for all you do to try and uncover wrongdoing in Spokane, our city of choice!

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    1. It is hard to tell when it will be heard. The City has to first respond to the claim, and then we go from there. It will be a while before it is actually heard. That’s probably all I should say right now. I’m trying hard to be a good client for Rick and Jeff. 🙂

      My phone number is in the complaint, which is fine, maybe my friend Sled will give me a call. 🙂

      I will add a link to this story.

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          1. I forgot to mention you or anyone else is welcome to comment here any time, and take your best shot at me if you want. You can do it out front or anonymously makes no difference. The only thing I ask is that you keep it half way reasonable.

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            1. Are you not at all embarrassed by your behavior? How many disqus profiles have you created altogether? Don’t you see how odd that kind of behavior appears to normal people?

              What did I do to you besides defend those who you targeted relentlessly? I mean, c’mon. Why call someone’s employer to snitch them out when they have a supervisor who is very capable of keeping track of work hours?


              1. Nope I’m not embarrassed in the least. Never called anyone’s employer you can find the truth about that on this Blog.
                According to you I have no way of telling how normal people look at things. 🙂

                I am kind of working on something now but I’ll come back and check if you have more.

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              2. Hey Rosey I almost forgot about this threatening email I received:
                Subject: Re: Comments?
                Date: Sat, 23 Jul 2016 13:13:28 -0700

                This is Hilary. What relationship is David and Mark D Stochmal to you?

                I think they should help you. Mark appears to have considerable wealth. If you continue to harass me I will ask for their help. Remove my name from your childish profiles or I will consider legal action.
                The explanation I gave in response would be the same to your question would you like to see a copy?

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              1. I decided it probably isn’t worth my time to try and speak with you. I’ll be patient and your behavior will eventually be exposed and people will wonder what the hell is wrong with you.

                Really, Breen. Your stalking and harassment are not normal. Get some help.


  6. From the SledShelia~Review, regarding the article in SR

    square_root printsubscriber • 10 hours ago

    How come they scrubbed all the comments on the records request story? Did it get nasty? I miss all the fun. 😦

    Sled square_root • 9 hours ago

    I will send you screen shots.

    Don Adair Sled • 5 hours ago

    Me, too? My curiosity was definitely piqued. Not surprised that you’re the go-to guy on this one.

    wonderingaloud Sled • 6 hours ago

    I’d like to take a look too.

    rosehips Sled • 9 hours ago

    I’d like them too, please. I didn’t think there were any comments. perhaps I missed something?

    Sled rosehips • 9 hours ago

    Ok. Text me your email.

    rosehips Sled • 9 hours ago

    who are you?

    Sled rosehips • 9 hours ago

    Duh. Sled. Check your phone.

    The peanut gallery chimes in!

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    1. Always entertaining stuff from that group! I keep waiting but nothing seems to happen…kind of funny I think. I’m kind of tied up with some important stuff right now but when things settle down I might deal with it. 🙂

      Those folks are always welcome to comment here!

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      1. Say if you get a chance to talk to that Sled guy…you know Andrew Scheldt, well, I emailed Breean Beggs with a screenshot of the infamous “Start with Breean Beggs. He is aware of what’s going on.” post, and Breean Beggs sent this back today.

        Breean Beggs
        12:35 PM
        To: Brian Breen

        “I have no idea and don’t recall ever meeting or communicating with a Mr. Scheldt.”
        You don’t suppose Ole Sled is lying again do you? I’ve got a copy of the email I can post if you want, because I don’t “Bluff”.

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        1. What would need to be clarified? Sled said Beggs knew about it. Not that he talked to him about it. A mutual friend did.


          1. Let me help you out “Anonymous”

            “Do you care to share with me what this is all about or should I just do a PRR?

            “I HAVE NO IDEA and don’t recall ever meeting or communicating with Mr. Scheldt.”

            We will get the clarification for you though “Anonymous”. I thought the “I HAVE NO IDEA” might have done it for you… but that’s ok.

            I didn’t think you had the “stones” to call… What are you afraid of?


      1. I know there are many politics in doing so… but why aren’t thesee good cops stepping up and saying something. If these promotions of unqualified department heads without required experience isn’t right it isn’t right. You would think if 50 can gather to salute a killer in federal court… 10 to 30 to 100+ can step up speak and clear up this mess.

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    1. He’s not a great advocate for everyone. He is a stalker. Who finds high school year book photos of someone and creates a profile with it? That is sick.


          1. I forgot to mention I passed along copies of those screenshots and some others to Rick Eichstaedt
            and some other folks. I hope he isn’t offended by that Sled fellow’s comment; “I was not impressed with Rick at the West Central Meidl show.” I got a good feeling there is a great story in the works here… how about you?

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            1. I really hope Rick understands who he is helping. Does the Center for Justice really want to be associated with someone who is essentially a stalker?


            2. If you had stayed and listened to all the folks who asked a question, including Rick’s,(instead you walked out after being the first to ask a question) you would have heard how rude he was. The rules were clear, one question. He proceeded to ask two and was cut off by the moderator. Then he clearly said he was going to keep going. There was a lot of grumbling and shaking heads following his antics. Was not impressed at all.


              1. Well “Anonymous” you and Andy felt the same way it looks like. I’ll pass that along to Rick, Andy wasn’t “impressed” either.

                As I explained before there was no sense for me to stick around. I did catch Rick on the Channel 5 broadcast and I don’t think he was “rude” just a lawyer, like an investigator, wanting to get follow-ups in.

                I hope you pay special attention to today’s story, and thanks for reading and commenting.

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        1. I was sent some cool screenshots of comments that were deleted on the SR Site today. One of them by that Sled fellow states; “Several sources have told me alcohol.” in reference to me having some kind of problem. If you know Andy you should ask him who his “Several sources” are so I can talk to them and report it here along with the fact I don’t drink. How about it? Or you could just have Andy give me a call if he isn’t too afraid.

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          1. lol, you are at it again I see. Busy, busy, busy. Changing profiles and liking comments. Where do you get so much stamina?

            Have you told Rick about your unusual behavior? What does he think?

            Does he read your blog?

            Your obsessive need to get people to your blog to discover your quirky nature is compelling…


            1. Okay Rosey, here is what I’ll do If you so desire. I will do a story on here about an individual who continues to make false accusations against me and continually uses my name in the SR Comments Section, just to give you an idea of what even a six-year-old could easily do. I will include in it among other things Stevens County Case# 82-2-00103-1 which was a name change from Beth Ryan to the name being used now. Stevens County Case# 95-3-00265-1 which was a marriage dissolution. An image of the individual posting on the SR Site using the name they currently use. Name, address, phone, DOB, etcetera. Blogs the individual has and images from the those Blogs, a CNN blog page where the individual thought they were being a reporter. Corporation papers for two Corps the individual is involved in. A ton of vitriolic and weird comment images. Voting information. A LinkedIn Profile. A Dunn and Bradstreet work up on a business owned. Posted YouTube crap. Comments to the Department of Ecology… and much, much more. Hell I’ll even throw in a copy of one story the person wrote entitled; “The Mystery Letter”.

              Everything of course public record and available to any one. It would give you an idea of what I can do right here on this blog IF I so choose. So just let me know what you think I should do.

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              1. Why not answer her questions instead of making threats? Btw, you are proving Rosey right by threatening to do exactly the things you deny doing. Maybe think things through first.


              2. There is no option to replyou from your last comment of “I don’t make threats”, so I will put it here.

                “Doxing is the act of publishing someone’s personal information, of which there would be a reasonable expectation of privacy and dubious value to the conversation, in an environment that implies or encourages intimidation or threat,” anti-harassment organization Crash Override explains on its website.

                Matt Goerzen, a graduate student in the communications department at McGill who studies trolling and doxing, explained it like this: “The way I think about it is that it’s publicizing people’s information for the purposes of gaining some sort of power over them.”


                “The essence of doxing isn’t the privacy of the information. It’s how it’s used.”

                CLEARLY your intent is to cause harm. Your posts on this blog about multiple SR commentors is a shining example of it.


              3. Classic deflection from the subject. Do you always dance around the obvious like this? I mean, you being the “truth teller” and all and demanding integrity and accountability from the SPD yet you are like a house of cards falling down. You left an electronic trail a mile wide. Who’s the fraud now?


              4. Remember your concern about SPD redacting personal Information? Yet you offer it freely about literally anyone, public figure or not.


              5. Give me a call, and I’ll tell you the story about someone who really was trying to cover their internet footprint even using what they thought was a secret avatar (lots of people use it). This person was even dumb enough to comment on where they lived, and a work truck blocking their driveway that was working at a house known to almost everyone in town, so a kid could have figured out who it was. The internet footprint is a mile long. You haven’t seen that person identified here YET…have you?

                Still waiting for that call???


              6. So the SPD should be held to a standard you yourself won’t uphold. Nice work proving your own hypocrisy. Have a nice day 🙂


            2. Well Rosey it is getting late and I haven’t heard from you. Since my name is still plastered all over the SR Comments Section, and I haven’t heard from you I guess it is okay with you so I’ll go ahead and right a story for tomorrow.


              1. Oh the irony of you being so bothered your “name is plastered all over the SR”. Dish it out but can’t take it much?


              2. I know the “irony” is terrible isn’t it “Anonymous”. Yep I can dish it out, and I’ve taken it long enough. You will enjoy the story tomorrow that Rosey apparently wants published. David Bray will enjoy it since he and Hilary go back and forth all the time. Make sure you drop by tomorrow and read it, and thanks again for following my Blog, which I might add gets one heck of a lot of traffic and is a place where the truth is chronicled and people get to know who they are dealing with. What more could one ask for? 🙂
                Maybe I’ll do a “Chuckle Berries” piece, for those that remember, if I get the time. 🙂




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              3. Wow…did you see this?


                printsubscriber > ericdx • 3 hours ago

                ‘Egregious violations’ is a polite way of putting it.

                It is a distraction, an affront, an aggression and is malicious stalking. Pure and simple.

                Libel and defamation aren’t something the SR can risk, which I believe they would do by letting this person’s antics stand. Called doxxing.


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