Since there isn’t a lot going on in the criminal justice, local government world other than former Interim SPD Chief Rick Dobrow removing himself from the Chief of Police selection process (I wish a few more would take the high road), I’m going to throw in this story.


Whether a Liberal or Conservative the quickest way to ruin political aspirations or any hope of a political career is not to follow the first rule of politics, “Never, ever associate yourself with individuals who are documented frauds and liars, as eventually they will be exposed and it will only hurt you.”


If a documented fraud and liar tries to attach him or herself to your bandwagon the first step is to as quickly as possible try and remove yourself from any and all association, and especially never allow them to act as surrogates in any way, no matter how many emails they send you on a daily basis all of which are public records.










The Spokesman Review continues to allow Sled to push his extreme agenda in their comments section, as well as harass and belittle anyone who disagrees with him. There is so much evidence of that that posting the screenshots would take at least a week. One of Sled’s buddies Mike McGarr a late night copy editor and thread moderator over and over again demonstrates his favoritism towards Sled. McGarr’s own numerous comments while moderating the SR threads, including comments on the abortion issue, he usually deletes prior to ending his shift. Some however he doesn’t.

Here is one recent example of many where McGarr backs his buddy “Our Man Sled” to “Falstaff1” who had Andy picked for what Andy really is years ago.



You might note Andy’s statement “Nope. Not even a flag.” which is in reference to Andy’s practice of flagging a comment he doesn’t like several times using his various personas so that the comment goes into “Moderation” so the moderators can delete it.


The SR moderators allow “Our Man Sled” to get away with almost anything compared to some of the Conservative commenters as Sled over and over licks their boots and strokes them in his own comments.


Here is a recent example with Sleds old nemesis David Bray. You might notice Sled also tries to out a commenter he believes is “Justice”.



Any would be politician after considerable contact and stroking by Andy would think, the guy is a pain in the ass… but it is a vote. Well an easy check shows that isn’t necessarily true.








Yes, Andy “Facts are stubborn things.”, and that is exactly what you get right here, facts, evidence, and documentation…as you well know, all of which as hard as you try you are unable to dispute.


“Our Man Sled” continues his blowing up on the SR Comments Section with comment after comment defending his favorite causes and candidates including Pakootas. Most recently “Our Man Sled” has taken up the cause of defending City Council President Ben Stuckart from considerable criticism on a number of issues from the Conservative Commenters. As far as I’m concerned there is nothing wrong with that political discourse back and forth, it gets really nutsy sometimes, but that is the way it generally is. Sled of course will always make ad hominem attacks on commenters who have an opposing view, but that is his standard practice, especially when someone points out how wrong or dishonest his comment is.

This does however create a serious problem for would be politicians as well as others who have been fooled, they sure as hell want the people defending them or supporting their own agenda to be honest and creditable, something Andy has time and again been proven not to be. It creates a serious dilemma for them, because they are politicians or have a strong ideology they have to figure out how to smoothly distance themselves from people like Andy as they know that if they don’t do it smoothly Andy will turn on them like a caged rat, and start spreading his typical made up negative stories.














The moral of this story is, be real careful of who you hitch your wagon to, or who hitches their wagon to yours.






  1. The only thing people are noticing is that you and missy are horrible people. I think you have some kind of illness that makes you do this and missy has been hurt so deeply by love that she surrounds herself with anger and hate. Sad.

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  2. You seriously spent time researching this blog post? smh

    Earth to Foxy. This makes you look like someone who has nothing better to do than stick your nose in other peoples’ business. What do you get out of that? Are you still fuming over some micro aggression done to you?

    What does missy get from following your antics? By her comments it’s obvious she approves. Who would do that? And yes, it’s obvious that missy is the new contrarian. She can run but she can’t hide. Why do you lie to protect her? What is up with you two???

    But thanks missy for shedding the verse/comments. That was getting really ridiculous.

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    1. Hi Rosey,
      Kind of thought I would hear from you too. Apparently you didn’t like my story… oh well you can’t please everyone all of the time, just like you can’t fool all of the people all of the time.
      How are things up North and how is your business going this time of the year?

      “Why do you lie to protect her?”

      I don’t lie to protect anyone, as you might have noticed, doesn’t make any difference which side of the ideolog fence they are on.

      “Are you still fuming over some micro aggression done to you?”

      I was kind of hoping you would figure out that I don’t tolerate aggression whether it is “micro” or “macro”. I don’t have to anymore, so it is what it is, and I guess you will just have to live with it. Just so you know, and this is the last time I will mention it, being called a liar is one of the things that doesn’t sit very well with me…but that’s up to you of course.

      Anyway… thanks for following along I appreciate it as I do your point proving input.

      Oh, and BTW…I’ve never met “missy” but at some point perhaps I will she seems like an interesting gal…just like you are! 🙂


    2. Yup. Not only is he a fraud but he is also a big fat liar. I noticed that he updates his fake upvote accounts with his latest blog post. The only way the fraud gets any traffic on his blog is by his links in his fake accounts force feeding it to anyone who clicks on the fake upvote. Whadda fraud.

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            1. Where are all of your supporters? What, Misjustice? The diehard Democrat Obama is the sexiest man alive flipped right wing nutter? The same one on this blog who condemned Condon for his appointment of Straub and “deleting” of Proposition 1 handing the Police Guild all the power and now supports him on the Spokesman Review as “Old Sarge” and now “ContraContrarian”? I thought you were all about the “truth” and exposing “frauds”? If your want to be taken seriously wouldn’t you want to “distance yourself” from a “proven liar and fraud”? Isn’t that your recommendation? Hypocrite much?

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              1. Hello again “Anonymous”,

                I always enjoy your comments and I’m always interested in what cute new email address you are going to use. These are certainly well thought out…good work.


                I realize this is a terribly traumatic time for you with the truth about Andy being told, so I am trying very hard to help you through the trauma and answer your questions as best I can.

                “Where are all of your supporters?”

                I’m not sure what you mean by “supporters”, I never have needed any “supporters”, I just do what I feel is right and expose the truth. I’ve been doing that for over four decades. As far as “readers” go since I posted the story about “Our Man Sled”, which was 21 hours ago, there have been 968 views and what also happens is if there is a link to an old story I’ve written people will also view those as well. The most popular link in my most recent story was this one:


                “What, Misjustice? The diehard Democrat Obama is the sexiest man alive flipped right wing nutter?”

                I think if someone was going to individually chastise people for switching parties it would take one hell of a long time. If I understand correctly Donald Trump was a Democrat at one time, and now he is a Presidential Candidate. Perhaps if you got in touch with his staff they might be able to have him fill you in on how that works, because I honestly don’t know.

                “The same one on this blog who condemned Condon for his appointment of Straub and “deleting” of Proposition 1 handing the Police Guild all the power and now supports him on the Spokesman Review as “Old Sarge” and now “ContraContrarian”?

                Perhaps you haven’t noticed or read my stories regarding those issues? I whole heartily agree with “Old Sarge”, “ContraContrarian” on those issues, so I’m at a loss for your point. As far as supporting Condon in the SR regarding the recall issue that certainly is one’s right whether or not they haven’t supported him on other issues. Even I, if you were to actually check, have on the very rare occasion supported some of things Condon has done, so I don’t quite get your point here either.

                “I thought you were all about the “truth” and exposing “frauds”?”

                You are absolutely correct, and many people think I do a pretty good job of it including providing evidence and documentation. I’ve spend a lot of years doing just that and have always found that when I have exposed frauds and liars in the past they remain defiant and in denial right up to the point of their sentencing hearing where fall all over themselves apologizing and kissing the Judge’s ass. Of course many always hated me, but that just goes with the territory much like with this Blog.

                “If your want to be taken seriously wouldn’t you want to “distance yourself” from a “proven liar and fraud”? Isn’t that your recommendation?”

                That’s interesting, perhaps you can point out where this person has been a fraud or a liar like “Our Man Sled” and his companion Sheila Chase have been proven to be. I’ll sure take a look at the evidence when you submit it. As far as using different screen names is concerned, do you have any idea how many Andrew Scheldt has used over the years?

                Hypocrite much?

                Nah…I don’t do “Hypocrite” like Andrew, Sheila, and a few others do. But everyone is entitled to their own opinion, and I hope you appreciate the opportunity to share yours here.

                This is a pretty tough league you are trying to play in here… eh? 🙂

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              2. That’s the thing about liars, they can’t remember which is the truth and isn’t. You say you support “Old Sarge’s” stance on Condon, eh?

                “Many of the people that follow this Blog will recall that over the past three years I continually provided information and tips for the media to follow-up in my comments on the SR, regarding Frank Straub, the lies he and the Mayor have told the public, which ran the gambit of issues from phony crime data, body cameras, OIS Investigations, etc.”


                You are full of shit. So is Nena. Birds of a feather.

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              3. Needless to say I’m disappointed in this comment of yours primarily because you used the same email address today, I was hoping for something new and creative.

                Aside from that I’m also disappointed that answering your questions in my previous response to you apparently didn’t help with the trauma you are suffering from. Perhaps some licensed professional help would be in order?

                “You are full of shit. So is Nena. Birds of a feather.”

                I think all of my readers are fully aware of your distain for me, and “Nena”, but if you would please come up with a less guttural way to express yourself it might help with your trauma issues.

                “Birds of a feather.”

                Certainly that happens and the analogy when used regarding Andrew and Sheila is concerned is dead on as you will see when I get the rest of my PRR response back regarding the house at 6020 N Elgin she inherited from her son. In that regard Andy just toasted Sheila with several of his comments several years ago on the SR site with respect to her not living at the Elgin address yet getting a low income disabled tax break for a number of years. I’m not sure if you will like that story either when it comes out, but you will find several comments made by Andy which established a time line, including the one regarding the wheelchair ramp. Sheila of course didn’t want anyone to know, but like Andy, liars and frauds are easy to catch and try as they may not to get caught most of the time they do get caught.
                —–Original Message—–
                From: Mendoza, Joyce
                Sent: Monday, July 18, 2016 12:08 PM
                To: ‘sheilachase
                Subject: RE: Property tax

                Thanks Sheila. All info regarding your health situation is confidential.


                Of course Sheila wanted everything to be confidential and you would think that with all the phony background she laid out in the SR Comments Section surely she would have known that is impossible.

                I always love this kind of email stuff… don’t you?
                On Jul 18, 2016, at 10:27 AM, sheilachase wrote:
                > Btw there is no way I want to receive any benefits I may not be entitled to. My house payment is low enough that returning to pay those taxes won’t be bad.
                > Sent from my iPhone

                Thanks for the story teaser with your comment, I’m sure a lot of people will get a kick out of it.
                Like I said this is a tough league and to play in it you should have the right equiptment.

                BTW, Andy sure has been commenting a lot during working hours, would you happen to know if he is still working?

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              4. Thanks for the screen shots, they will be helpful when I sit down with Joyce Mendoza.

                As for you being full of shit and not liking my comment. Call it like I see it. And this isn’t something new. I’ve spoken to several people you worked with at SPD and they all tell the same story. Narcissistic drunktard with no filter always seeking attention. Kept a bottle in your desk, eh? Tisk, Tisk, Tisk. But common. Lots of cops are drunks.

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              5. Gosh “Anonymous” why in the world would you sit down with Joyce Mendoza? 🙂
                As far as the screen shots you are very welcome, I hope they are useful to you, and as far as screen shots go I’ve got lots more as you will see.

                “Narcissistic drunktard with no filter always seeking attention. Kept a bottle in your desk, eh? Tisk, Tisk, Tisk. But common. Lots of cops are drunks.”

                Apparently you don’t like cops. I’m not sure if I will include the WSP Investigation stuff while Sheila was working at the State… that one will be a long one, with lots of docs.

                If there is anything more you need before you sit down with Joyce Mendoza…just let me know I have a bunch.

                Like I said earlier kind of like the old days with some folks defiant, and lie right up to the end! 🙂

                BTW: Thanks for this new one:


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              6. Here are a couple of more if they are helpful. I have quite a few more if you need them but if you are going to sit down with Joyce Mendoza she will have the originals. Just be sure and let me know.

                —–Original Message—–
                From: Mendoza, Joyce
                Sent: Monday, July 18, 2016 11:07 AM
                To: sheilachase
                Subject: RE: Property tax exemption

                Thanks Sheila.

                Please send a copy of the license and written acknowledgment that you lived in your house on Elgin more than 6 months each year for 2012, 2013, 2014 and 2015. To help prove your residency, please provide bank statements and/or prescription drug print-out’s that show your mailing address as being on Elgin for the years listed. Thanks very much.


                >>> —–Original Message—–
                >>> From: sheilachase
                >>> Sent: Monday, July 18, 2016 5:41 AM
                >>> To: Mendoza, Joyce
                >>> Subject: Property tax exemption
                >>> I just wanted to touch bases with you. I received your application to reapply for the exemption in consideration of my questions. I am currently transitioning from a nursing/ rehab center. The qualifications as to financial and age status is easy and uncomplicated to document, as I only have social security and a very very small pension as income and I am 64 years old. However, the papers needed to verify are tucked away and inaccessible to me immediately. I have requested copies and am awaiting their arrival. As far as my residency, I am currently discussing my options with my family and want to be able to give you the solution that will be most likely for the future. I am currently staying in a senior living center, but planning on going home if I can afford the modifications to my home to do so safely. In all reality, those modifications will be slow and one by one towards my ultimate goal of going home. If you must terminate my exemption, I understand. This past year, I have bounced from a lengthy hospital stay(s) to nursing/rehab centers to my son’s home and don’t believe I have been able to spend six months at my residence and now it looks like I have to make some modifications to even return. Let me know.
                >>> Sent from my iPhone

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              7. I started last week when I got the first PRR response putting my story material together with corresponding dates and everything but I haven’t had a chance to even begin to get it done…I mean we are looking at just under a GB of screenshots so it will take a little bit of time, which is OK because they won’t have the rest of the response ready until around September 30th. See if this will be helpful when you sit down with Joyce Mendoza as well as what you already have. Keep in mind I haven’t gotten very far and a bunch of stuff isn’t in here, including the EPA inheritance whooper. But I’m glad to help out. Do you have a lawyer, and when is the sit down?


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              8. Wow…there are a heck of a lot of people reading our comments let’s keep this up it is good for my numbers. I wonder if it is any of the SR Comments folks. The good thing about this comments section is the truth doesn’t get deleted! 🙂

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  3. Quite the opposite actually. You are the one “losing your shine” as you continue to plug your blog with fake upvote accounts. Most folks pay to advertise on the Spokesman Review. You, not so much.

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  4. Ben’s Boy sure likes to lob insults but runs for cover, hiding behind the mods, when someone gives it back to him. And there sure is a double standard at the newspaper regarding that. Ben’s Boy gets away with the attacks and those standing up for themselves or pointing out what a liar he is get their posts jerked and their accounts deleted. What is the newspaper so afraid of? Do you know? Why do they let such a little putz jerk them around like puppets on strings? Has he lawyered up?

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    1. Andy and Sheila are the kind of people who think they are slick, but aren’t. They think they can get away with attacking people or make false accusations without any repercussions, which sometimes they can but a lot depends on who they are attacking and how that individual responds. The truth generally wins out.
      As far as a lawyer is concerned, in order to afford one Andy would have to sell his $3K dog. 🙂
      What I don’t understand is how people that are supposedly smart can’t figure out their game, but I’m not a political person so maybe that has something to do with my lack of understanding. It does appear however that both Andy and Sheila are losing their shine and people are starting to take notice.

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