Pacanowsky, M. E. (1982). Organizational Identities as Organizational Products: Presentation of Self Among Valley View Police. Communicator (01935437), 18-34.


*** Michael E Pacanowsky, for those that don’t know is a rather prolific writer on issues dealing with Organizational Culture and Organization Communication.


As we all know Mayor Condon’s controversial choice of Craig Meidl as SPD’s new Chief of Police, as well as the controversial agreement reached by Mayor Condon, Breean Beggs, and Lori Kinnear to reopen the Chief Selection Process, has caused many, including a lot of SPD retired folks, to speculate that “The Fix is in” and Meidl by hook or crook will be our next Chief of Police. I’m not so sure that is the case, but if it is I thought it might be a good idea to take a look at what Meidl has stated in a paper he did for a leadership class at GU. I probably look at Meidl’s writings somewhat differently than others based on my own experience, knowledge of Meidl’s leadership history, his past and recent public comments including his “apology”, as well as an inside perspective of what is going on at SPD, but you can certainly draw your own conclusions. Note that Meidl’s paper was written on January 27th, 2013 long before the recent controversy surrounding him and Mayor Condon’s exceptionally stupid move to appoint him Chief of Police. Many of us retired folks believe that the best thing Meidl could do for the Community and SPD is to withdraw from consideration… but we know it isn’t likely.


Meidl’s paper was written for this GU Professor:

Hazel GU



I can’t help but wonder if Dr. Hazel will be involved in this?


I am one of those people that when I read reports, analysis, studies, audits, ecetera I like compare and contrast them with previous writings on the same subject matter so I thought I would throw just a couple I read which are on the same subject matter Meild wrote his piece on.


Here is Another:



With respect to “The Fix is in!” here is how one retired longtime retired SPD Top Brass analyzes the new selection process.



> From:

> Subject: Chief selection process

> Date: Mon, 29 Aug 2016 17:50:26 -0700

> To: Brian R Breen

> I have read the letter that Beggs and Kinnear sent to the mayor  > on behalf of the council asking to reopen the process of selecting > a chief. In it they state that the committee had selected ten > qualified candidates who were in their opinion the most  > qualified of all candidates who applied. In the letter they stated > that one of the candidates had withdrawn from this list after > it was made. This then left 9 candidates. After the top four > names were sent to the mayor then the Seattle captain came > to Spokane and withdrew himself from the list leaving 8 candidates. > The remaining two of the original 4 were interviewed and presented > to the public and interviewed at a public forum. The mayor was to then > pick the one he wanted. We all know he didn’t pick anyone from the > list of candidates recommended by the selection committee and then > appointed Meidl. > Since his pick of Meidl, the California candidate announced he was > going to retire this year. This would now leave 7 candidates including > the Yakima candidate who was passed over by the mayor. Assuming > he doesn’t want to again go through the process it would leave 6 > candidates. We don’t know if any of these 6 remaining want to withdraw. > As I understand it, the committee will compare Meidl with the remaining > candidates and then pick four names to submit to the mayor for > consideration. If Meidl is in the top four, then the mayor is free to keep > him as the chief. The City Council will then be back to square one and > will have to decide whether to affirm the appointment. I would wager > that Meidl will be one of the top four. When the committee selected the > top ten they ranked them in numerical order according to the letter. Will > they again rank them in the same manner? > In the letter to the mayor the two council members address their prior > contacts with Meidl and praise him for being easy to work with. In my > opinion this is prejudicial to the other candidates who I hope will be > provided with a copy of this letter for their consideration of this statement. They may want to reconsider their chances of being appointed. > This whole process kind of reminds me of being in a poker game with > a stacked deck.



When you consider Sanders, Dobrow, and Hohenberg are all Condon or McDevitt cronies, and some of the others relationships he could be right on.


But you also have to consider that this fellow had to put up with supervising me for a lot of years, and I’m sure that did take its toll! 🙂 🙂






    1. Yes, stacked deck is right. Because the Mayor has control of the stacked committee Meidl will be one of the finalists, Condon will pick him, so it will be right back on the CC’s plate to confirm Meidl, and they will likely fold…but that is how we do things here in Spokane.

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