Ozzie at it again!


Another confrontational media played battle between Sheriff Knezovich and folks that don’t think much of him????




Of course this kind of issue brings out the usual left and right wingers who try and prove their agenda is best using the old, Cut, Paste, and Link method of proof while they miss the entire point.



Look Ozzie, you are an elected public official, as such, like it or not, you WILL take heat whether it is for something your Deputies do or you do. After all these years one would think you would have grown up and learned that.


This of course will be another story Ozzie won’t like, and as they say in the business…” Tough Stuff!” … actually “Stuff” isn’t a direct quote.




(The link below mentions just a few of the confrontations Ozzie has had with folks)




Let me preface this by saying I don’t know Scott Maclay, although I have spoken with him a couple of times on the phone regarding the Ryan Holyk case, which it appears he was right about… much to the dismay of the Sheriff.

I don’t really know the Sheriff, we have met once face to face regarding “Smart Justice” and spoken on the phone a couple of times.

I don’t know any of the other players including Matt Shea, whom I hardly ever agree with.


I don’t know Deputy Travis Pendell personally, but know of him, and always kind of wondered whether or not Sherriff Knezovich approved Pendell’s presentation to Jeff Ware’s (Orphan in the SR Comments Section) “Northwest Coalition of Patriots”. At least from my perspective Pendell’s remarks were kind of interesting.





Another thing I know is that Deputy Pendell is involved with Ben Sorensen in the business SORENDELL, LLC. I don’t know at this point whether or not Ben Sorensen is related to Mathew Sorenson of YELLOW DOG, LLC, and I just mention it to make a point I’ll address later in this story.

SORENDELL, LLC, does own some rental property here in Spokane, other than that, I’m not sure what they do or what else they might be involved in.




With all due respect to reporter Pia Hallenberg, as she probably wouldn’t have known, but this is really weird!


“They met when Murry was a Sheriff’s Office volunteer for one month in the spring of 2010. Murry later gave some weapons to Pendell because a court order prevented him from owning firearms.”


The follow up Pia would be; “What the hell did Pendell do with those weapons, what were they, and where are they now? They should have been immediately booked into property as safe keeping. Maybe a follow-up with Ozzie Pia?



This is an interesting statement from Ozzie:

Knezovich called Maclay’s statement “a blatant lie” and said the weapon used to kill Terry Canfield, Lisa Canfield and John Constable has not been found. The bodies were recovered from a house that was set on fire right after the killings.

“Pendell never had a federal firearms license,” Knezovich said. “He is not under federal investigation.”

It is true, however, that Murry and Pendell knew each other.


Will someone please tell Ozzie that when you get into public urinating matches like this one, the more you say the more you bury yourself. Come on Ozzie we both know It doesn’t matter if Pendell had a federal firearms license or not, so even if Maclay was wrong the point is the more you yap the bigger you make it.


Now Ozzie, after you read this story, go ahead and report back that I was bad mouthing the SO to whomever, but if you want to dispute anything in this story or take a shot at me again do it by email so I have another record.





11 thoughts on “HILARIOUS SPOKANE STUFF!!!

      1. The mods couldn’t continue to babysit them; not cost effective. Their on-line model, of SledShelia’s personal blogspot, could not be sustained. Frankly, they held out longer than I thought they would. When they killed MisJ, due to a dust up with their boy Sled, she was left with no recourse but that as spoiler.
        How’d she do?

        Ahhh, some last screen shots of SledShelia playing victims.


  1. The sheriff should not comment on anything that Matt Shea says, ever. Ever, never in a million years. The sheriff should just take the hollers and do his j-o-b. Even though it is an elected position, I don’t want the sheriff’s office being involved in political brouhahas, back and forths, blah de blah blah blah, he said he said, so and so. I want the office working on crime not embroiled in melodrama!


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      1. And the local media, television news mostly, are playing this “story” up; as if there is a real story here, instead of the incoherent ramblings of a deranged politician being wrongly responded to by an ego-driven thin-skinned sheriff. There’s no there there. Yet this has lead news broadcasts for the last two days.

        How about, instead of this over blown melodrama, the media report on where we stand on the re-investigation of Ryan Holyk’s death? Or any number of other topics involving the sheriff’s office.

        And since I know he reads this blog, I’ll say it again: GET BACK TO WORK SHERIFF!!!!

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        1. Actually the reopened Ryan Holyk case is being supervised by the newly appointed inexperienced SPD Captain Traci Meidl…so there is nothing to worry about! 🙂

          EDIT: I forgot to add that even though SPD was/is lead investigation agency in the Holyk case we sure didn’t hear much from them…but a lot from Ozzie! 🙂

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