The anticipated “resignation” of City Attorney Nancy Isserlis has now been reported, and many speculate her resignation has a lot to do with the Cotton/Straub case and the possibility that there may have been some nefarious activity on her part including possible violations of the Rules of Professional Conduct for Washington State Lawyers.




But I can’t help but wonder if the case involving Lynden Smithson, one of her City Prosecutors may have also played into “her” decision. For those that don’t recall Lynden Smithson was in some way implicated in a large scale Federal Drug Case, and as seems to be SOP in the Condon Administration, again there is no available evidence to indicate Isserlis did one iota of investigation into Smithson’s involvement in the case.

This is another one of those cases where the Spokesman Review had the same information I had in Public Records Request Responses, but never did one lick of investigative reporting on the case and chose instead to hammer the hell out of the Furniture-gate case.


As is always the case these days, I’m still waiting for the Condon Administration to respond to my PRR requests…we shall see. It will be interesting to see if the City responds to my PRRs prior to September 5th, 2016…which is an important date in the overall scheme of things.













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