Just a quick follow-up to my stories linked below.

Once I exposed that Mayor Woodward and Chief Meidl had disbanded the Spokane Police Department Patrol Anti-Crime Team some but not all of the other local media outlets picked up on the information I provided and did stories, however none of the other local media have been able to get to the truth of why SPD PACT was disbanded. The truth is there has been a long history of misconduct, possible perjury, and possible civil rights violations by members of SPD PACT and it has finally come somewhat to a head which may force Mayor Woodward to finally make the changes in SPD leadership that are necessary for the City of Spokane to have a Police Department the Citizens deserve.

I have a number of Public Records Requests which get to the truth of why SPD PACT was disbanded and Mayor Woodward and Chief Meidl are delaying as long as possible to keep the Public from knowing the truth about what is going on at SPD including PRR C001070-081321.

Yesterday I finally received my first installment response to PRR C001070-081321 and this installment begins to tell the true story regarding SPD PACT, including SPD PACT’s use of the GPS tracking device “StarChase” which in the State of Washington requires a warrant to use absent clearly defined exigent circumstances. If you decide to read the IA Case (C21-019) provided in the response you will find a number of redactions based on an ongoing investigation the details of which I am very aware of, because of the ongoing investigation I will not appeal the redactions to the City Hearing Examiner, but I will at some point obtain an unredacted copy for the Public to read.

This story of mine from April 6, 2019, once again comes into play as another battle is going on between some investigators in SPD’s Detective ranks who don’t want former SPD PACT members transferred to the Detectives Office out of fear past PACT practices will reflect on them.