Things have really gone down hill at the Spokane Police Department since the Spokane City Council approved the hiring of Frank Straub and subsequently approved the hiring of Craig Meidl whose “mentor” and close friend Karl Thompson went to prison for violating Otto Zehm’s Civil Rights and lied about doing so by a vote of 6-1.

There was just one right-minded City Council Member who voted against the approval of Craig Meidl, Karen Stratton, who must have seen the handwriting on the wall that Meidl who had an extensive hand in establishing the Karl Thompson Culture and has done nothing to try and change that culture at SPD.


Lets now take a quick look at the most recent documents I have received regarding Civil Rights Violations by the SPD Patrol Anti-Crime Team. One of the key players in this fiasco is the current Commander of SPD’s PACT, Lt. David Staben, whom some might remember was the Cop who falsely accused Ombudsman Bart Logue of leaking information to me while Staben was in charge of SPD IA.

I have reported earlier about Detective Lonnie Tofsrud’s Human Resources Complaint against other members of SPD who accused him of being a “Brady Cop” for bringing forward his concerns about the SPD PACT violating Citizens Civil Rights.

The first installment of PRR Responses I received are very, very, telling, and clearly demonstrate a bias on the part of Lt. Staben against Detective Tofsrud which will not go unnoticed by Tofsrud’s lawyers in his 2 million dollar claim against the City and SPD.

Lt. Staben’s on the record report reminds me a lot of other successful lawsuits SPD Officers have made against the City and SPD. Including the Jeff Harvey case where Anne Kirkpatrick’s then Assistant Chief Jim Nicks testified in his deposition that Kirkpatrick was out to get Harvey.

First it is important to note that the only real outcome of the HR Investigation, is what I consider a, “No shit Sherlock”, that Staben needs training on dealing with subordinates.

Staben in his statement once again accuses Tofsrud of being a liar (Brady Cop), a statement which will surely be brought up in his deposition if Tofsrud’s claim gets to a lawsuit.

Staben clearly points out in his statement that Chief Craig Meidl knew damn well about problems with PACT and TCU prior to 2017.

Staben blames all of the problems on a complaint Tofsrud and apparently Sgt. Meyer made about Civil Rights Violations back in 2017. Obviously Meidl either didn’t take the complaints seriously and did nothing or wanted it all swept under the rug. The information I have provided earlier regarding Federal cases sure as heck supports Tofsrud’s claims and based on his witness list will be a big factor in his lawsuit.

Staben takes a big shot at TCU and Sgt. Preuninger who was TCU Brass before he became a full-time PIO. Preuninger was the only other Cop besides Tofsrud who was disciplined in the McCollough case.

Staben points out that Chief Meidl knew about the problems in November of 2016, and supposedly sent Staben in to clean up the mess. Obviously Staben wasn’t able to do it and things just got worse. Keep in mind that Meidl is listed a witness in Tofsrud’s claim.

Just the tip of the iceberg folks, lots more coming. Gotta wonder where most of those City Council Members are on this issue especially considering the stance most Liberals have on Civil Rights Violations. It might be a good idea to worry less about what Border Patrol is legally doing at the Intermodal and more about what your own Law Enforcement Agency is doing.