Just a quick follow-up to my story linked below and to point out the “Shady Shit” SPD Officers and Brass are aware of continues with SPD PACT without any investigation or oversight on the part of Mayor Woodward or the Spokane City Council.

As many people are aware for well over two years I have been reporting on the “Shady Shit” going on in our Community with SPD PACT and have made not only the Mayor, the City Council, and the local Mainstream Media aware of what is going on but I am also the only media person willing to take on the challenge of documenting and reporting SPD “Shady Shit”. Certainly Mayor Woodward has no interest in any “Shady Shit” coming to light because it reflects directly on her Administration, but the City Council including CP Beggs obviously who was recently appointed by the Governor to the State Police Investigation Advisory Board also don’t have any interest in investigating the “Shady Shit” even though the Spokane City Charter gives them the power to do so.

Even more concerning perhaps is that there is no evidence at this point that our new local US Attorney Vanessa Waldref has any interest in doing anything even though her subordinate Assistant United States Attorney Caitlin A. Baunsgard has handled a number of cases referred to the Feds where the veracity of SPD PACT members have been questioned by a Federal Judge, most recently in UNITED STATES OF AMERICA v. JODY LEE WALLETTE where the conduct of SPD PACT members Scott Lesser and Winston Brooks once again cause evidence in a Federal Case to be suppressed.