The answer of course is absolutely not without legitimate oversight!

The Otto Zehm case pretty well established you can’t, and the documents in that case reflect that SPD Hero Karl Thompson was provided information about the investigations by SPD Guild Members and others every step of the way.

Evidence that the same standards from the time of the Karl Thompson case continue right up to present continue to mount and once again some of the Golden Boys/Girls are being protected by SPD Command Staff.

Mayor Condon, Teresa Sanders, Chief Craig Meidl, Director Jacqui MacConnell, and the Police Guild’s efforts to hide the truth from, mitigate the limited powers of, and intimidate the OPO and the OPOC are well documented, and here is some more evidence which reflects how things are done with SPD HR/IA Investigations.



On January 3, 2019 I submitted a Public Records Request in which I requested all documents relating to the Human Resources Complaint made by Detective Lonnie Tofsrud against Lt. Dave Staben. On April 5, 2019 I received an installment of records which included this.

After reading the above document (you do have to read this stuff) it became obvious to me that there was a second interview with SPD Crime Analyst Tom Michaud and that Lt. Staben had been made aware of at least some of the details of Michaud’s first interview with HR Investigator Jennifer Jackson and Director Jacqui MacConnell on August 8, 2018, so I did some of that investigative reporting stuff.

On May 10, 2019 I received an installment of records which included the recorded statements of Officers Vigesaa, Turman, Stevens, Singley, Preuninger, Barrington, and Ombuds Logue.

On July 25, 2019 I received another installment which included the recorded statements of Michaud, Officers Arleth, Staben and Wendt as well as former SPD Officer Hensley.

After listening to the Michaud recording it became quite clear exactly why Lt. Staben was very concerned about Michaud’s first HR/IA statement as it very clearly supported Tofsrud’s complaint against Staben.

You can listen to the August 8, 2018 Michaud HR Statement here.!AjPlZebSPc_fg5YkRXGjNzSxO7Rr2w?e=Pf2YM6

Interestingly for some reason the City Clerk’s Office wasn’t originally aware of the second Michaud interview and it wasn’t immediately provided to them by HR or SPD until it became apparent the records exist. Perhaps when you listen to the actual recording of the second interview linked below you will understand why some people, not the Clerk’s Office, wouldn’t want it made Public.!AjPlZebSPc_fg5ZBEw6SVtqR1VcpOA?e=BuzzKP

The important thing to remember if you listen to the above recording is that Jacqui MacConnell SPD’s Director of Strategic Initiatives who oversees Internal Affairs conducted the second Tom Michaud interview along with HR Investigator Jennifer Jackson, and had to have know full well what Michaud was expressing in the interview were clear violations on the part of Lt. Staben, yet no action was taken against Lt. Staben.

There is considerably more to this story, but clearly when you have an investigative process that allows confidential HR/IA investigative information to be shared with the individual who was the target of the complaint and that individual, in this case Lt. Staben, is allowed to confront witnesses in an ongoing investigation, the investigation cannot be trusted.