The link below is the recorded interview of SPD PACT Sgt. Kurt Vigesaa who is a close friend of Chief Craig Meidl both having come to SPD from the Ellensburg PD. The interview was conducted during the supposed independent investigation of a complaint made to City Human Resources by Detective Lonnie Tofsrud against PACT leader Lt. Dave Staben and from my perspective provides a treasure trove of information Tofsrud’s lawyers will be using if his 2-million-dollar lawsuit against the City goes to Court and isn’t settled prior to trial. It isn’t long by most recorded statement standards, as a matter of fact it is relatively short, but some readers will likely consider it to long to bother with however I’m providing it for those who have a real interest in the dysfunction going on at SPD.


As far a an HR Investigation being “independent”, that never happens and Human Resources Directors , like Christine Cavanaugh perceive their job as being to protect whichever Administration hired them gave them a great salary and benefits which they don’t want to screw-up, and one of the reasons many people are concerned that Meghann Steinolfson, of the Cotton/Straub Affair will be appointed to Cavanaugh’s position when Cavanaugh leaves City Employment.

The very first clue to me that this HR Investigation was far from “independent” is when the recording was opened by Jacqui MacConnell the SPD Director of Strategic Initiatives the former Arizona Cop who was hired to oversee SPD IA and provide a Civilian Voice in the IA Process. The record is quite clear that MacConnell has NOT provided that “Civilian Voice” the Public was led to believe would be one of the big changes since the Otto Zehm case.

The presence of MacConnell to oversee the interview of Vigesaa is very, very telling.

If you listen to the interview you will find that Vigesaa goes to great lengths to pump his own tires and his “teams” tires, while at the same time maligning SPD Targeted Crimes Unit and calling Detective Tofsrud a liar over and over without the least bit of proof or legitimate follow-up questions by HR Investigator Jennifer Jackson.

As you can see from the emails below Chief Craig Meidl thought the HR Investigation was the greatest thing since sliced bread.

Over and over again when I receive information about how SPD hasn’t changed since Otto Zehm, how discipline at SPD is none for some and more for many, that things are being covered up, and on and on I can’t help but think back to Chief Craig Meidl’s email to the troops and Facebook Post about his firend and mentor convicted felon Karl Thompson.

The Body Worn Camera video that Craig Meidl doesn’t want the Public to see, and all the other problems with SPD PACT is about Vigesaa’s “team”…go figure… eh?




Since neither Scott Lesser or Dan Lesser have been placed on Administrative Leave by Chief Meidl pending the outcome of a Criminal or IA Investigation like many other Cops have been, coupled with the fact that Meidl is very close to Vigesaa and Lt. Staben there are those at SPD who predict not much happen to any of the SPD PACT Officers or their Supervisors…we shall see!