I’m trying to help the Guild out here because for some reason in their quest to identify my sources and at the same time try to intimidate people they left a key player out of their PRR…Council Member Mike Fagan.

Holy crap guys and gals if your going to do it do it right!!!

So, in order to help the Guild out I submitted my own PRR just like the Guild’s but included Mike Fagan so we can all have the facts. Why the Guild would exclude Mr. Fagan from their PRR may or may not be a mystery depending on his communications with Guild President Kris Honaker, Vice President Tim Schwering, other Guild members, Craig Meidl, and SPD Command Staff… we shall see, but it is something that shouldn’t be overlooked.

I hate to add work to an underpaid, purposefully understaffed busy City Clerk’s Office but just adding Mike Fagan to the request shouldn’t be that big of a burden. Keep in mind that my request as well as the Guild’s request won’t be filled for several months, and unless Chief Meidl can find some way to continue to push back the release of the Lesser Body Worn Camera Video neither I nor the Guild will get a response until well after the release.