And the email string below provides evidence not only did Chief Meidl want to try and hide the Lesser video from me but also OPO Logue.

“While Chief Meidl stated (perhaps not an exact quote, but certainly close)  to me and Luvimae that he wanted it to be handled more like a “Sergeant mentoring in the field when they see something they don’t like,”

“I have several questions in regards to that, as well as the initial write-up by Lt Staben which, if taken at face value, was far less than a thorough and objective review.”

OPO Logue never would have even known about the Lesser incident and it would have been completely swept under the rug by Meidl and Crew had I not informed him, and I wouldn’t have known had not good, honest, hard working sources who want SPD to be great again had not informed me.

Some of the descriptions from people who have seen and are aware of the video go something like this; “Horrific”, “Criminal”, “A hell of a lot worse than atrocious”, “Terrible”, “Lord help us”, “Vile”. So, it is no wonder Mayor Condon, Teresa Sanders, Craig Meidl, and the SPD Director of Strategic Initiatives Jacqui MacConnell didn’t want people to know.

As far as DSI Jacqui MacConnell is concerned you might recall she is the one-time candidate for OPO Logue’s position, who after she didn’t get the OPO job was hired by Mayor Condon to replace the former DSI Tim Schwering who got his wish and was assisted in becoming an SPD Cop. Schwering is now the Vice President of the Spokane Police Guild…makes sense…right?

The original sales job for the highly paid and benefited SPD DSI job was it would provide a civilian to oversee the operations of SPD’s Internal Affairs operations…well that has certainly turned out to be a Condon exempt hire expensive joke. If a civilian in that position doesn’t have the fortitude to stand up and say; “This is wrong, we will not do this!” what the heck good are they? Obviously DSI Jacqui MacConnell saw the vile video long before OPO Logue but sure as heck didn’t tell him about it.

It is very highly unlikely that Condon, Sanders, Meidl, and MacConnell will do the right and ethical thing and have a press conference showing the videos of the horrific conduct of their Officers, even though they did it in the McMurtrey case. I’ve thrown out the suggestion to do just that to the right people even volunteering not to show up at the press conference and ask the hard questions of Meidl and crew just to help with the Public seeing the videos, and to help to put SPD on track to at least some transparency. You might remember even though I’m media I wasn’t invited to the McMurtrey press conference out of fear I would ask the right and embarrassing questions.

“Spokane Police Chief Craig Meidl held a press conference Tuesday afternoon regarding the behavior of one of his officer’s caught on body camera during an arrest last year.”


In all likelihood you will see something like this:

“We can’t release the video because there is now an ongoing Criminal or IA Investigation.”

In this case that is pure bull poop. Releasing the video to the public now would not have any bearing on a Criminal or IA Investigation because the only material witnesses are Cops, all of whom, because Mayor Condon and the City Council not only signed a contract with the Police Unions which gives the OPO/OPOC almost no power to do much of anything, but also gives Cops complete control over Body Worn Camera Video including the right to review any and all video prior to being interviewed. Condon, Sanders, Meidl, and MacConnell all know that as does Prosecutor Larry Haskell.

The Spokane City Council has requested to see the video, the question is what excuse will the Condon Crew come up with to prevent the CC from viewing the “Vile” BWC Video?

The entire story here is developing as I type, and I’ll try and keep you as informed as possible. It looks like I better keep OPO Logue informed of all of the information I have on serious problems with SPD PACT, and the 2 Million Dollar Lawsuit against the taxpayers.