Is that the Lesser BWC Video is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to SPD’s PACT something I’ve been investigating for over a year now and Chief Meidl has known about prior to my starting the investigation. It is so bad and Chief Meidl knows it, that two Federal Agencies, DEA and ATF no longer are willing to take SPD PACT cases.

Another thing no one seems to understand is that the OPO/OPOC ordinance negotiated by Mayor Condon with the Spokane Police Guild and approved by the City Council so limits the power of the OPO and OPOC it is very difficult for them to conduct effective oversight of SPD. Beyond the Ordinance itself the Mayor and City Council refuse to fund and staff the OPO/OPOC at a level that would allow for legitimate oversight no matter how hard they try.

The only way to assist in the oversight process is for the Media to work hard at trying to determine exactly what is going on at SPD report the facts to the Public and let the Public decide what action they want to take. I will reiterate that there has been no changes in the Culture at SPD since the Otto Zehm case and the hiring of Craig Meidl to replace Frank Straub has allowed for the adverse SPD Culture to flourish.

As a way of demonstrating the Lesser BWC Video is just the tip of the iceberg I am providing copies of a few of the PRRs I have submitted which are being slow walked by SPD using the “Fade and Forget” strategy.

This isn’t just an African American issue it is an issue for everyone!