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The answer is simple…Public Records often provide a clear picture of mismanagement and efforts to keep misconduct from the Public. Some Public officials will go to great lengths to hide the documents the Public has a right to see and the recent PRR response concerning Arlington Richards may demonstrate just that, along with providing evidence for my old friend Julie Twyford and the Twyford Law Firm are representing Gail Bass in her claim against Knezovich, McGrath, and Spokane County.

Twyford Law Office

Bass Claim



You may ask what the Arlington Richards case has to do with the Gail Bass claim? From the standpoint of the Bass claim “that no investigation was ever done to look into her complaints.”, the recent Public Records Release appears to show that even though several reports were made by Jail Officers regarding Arlington Richards conduct in County Parking lot “J” never was investigated by Administrators and was one of those let’s keep the lid on. Keeping in mind that Richard’s County Parking lot fun took place on August 9th, 2017 and John McGrath now states he was aware of the conduct back then, he didn’t bother to document what he claims was a conversation he had with Richard’s about it until April 3rd, 2018 well after the fact and after my Public Records Request on March 20th, 2018 when it became quite apparent Media was looking into things.

McGrath signed April 3, 2018

McGrath PRR letter


There are other very interesting things in the recent records release which I will hold back at this point, but you may be able to find them yourself by studying the records here.


We still don’t know why Arlington Richards the former Spokane GOP Precinct Committee Officer (6224) no longer works for Spokane County because the documents do not contain evidence of a termination letter, Loudermill Hearing, or any other due process records…so who knows, and the question arises whether Richard’s is going to follow the Gail Bass lead and file a claim against the County, as other current and former Jail staff are contemplating.



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