Tyler, Ozzie, Fagan Haskell

Since Spokane County has been real slow and for obvious reasons, to respond to my Public Records Requests it may be a while before we learn the scope of work the County Contract outlines, but at some point, we will, even if it means another PRA violation litigation.

Fussom Sayre PRR


Given Lawyer Michelle Fossum’s background in these matters it would appear that she understands the necessity to follow all leads in order to establish a pattern and culture of behavior, in other words everything in the “Closet” and especially at the top.

With a little more confidence that they will be protected since some MSM have finally covered the story witnesses are beginning to disclose things that were hidden in the past, much like the Phillip Tyler situation there are many things that have been hidden from the public, including but not limited to problem after problem with dispensing medications to prisoners and complaints from jail nurses about those issues many under the reign of Sheriff Ozzie Knezovich.

As in any investigation, when unlike Ozzie’s investigation of his friend Phillip Tyler, actual interviews are conducted more truth comes out, and more leads need followed in order to truly understand the Culture, such is the case with the “Fossum Investigation”, and recently found report regarding Arlington Richards.

PRR Richards

At this point in the “Fossum Investigation” Sheriff Knezovich is doing everything he can to distance himself from the man he chose to run the jail when Ozzie was in charge. The same man, John McGrath, who he recommended to the County Commissioners when they took the jail away from him. McGrath of course has joined the ranks of the many, many, liars in Ozzie’s life, and I’m sure the Sheriff hopes that people will forget that John McGrath, was his guy. The victims of course haven’t forgotten, they remember everything about Ozzie’s handling of the jail, and more recently his treats of slander and libel suits.

Throw Under Bus