Maclay Micro Phone Inlander


Maclay did not agree to a phone interview with the Inlander, but did, in a text message, refer to himself as “Dumpy.”

Since the Reporter prior to contacting Maclay had very publicly shared his opinion of Maclay which is documented in the link below.

Maclay would have to be, as Ozzie publicly describes him, a psychopath not to believe that any media reporting on his election bid based on his reputation alone aren’t going to be particularly unbiased in their reporting.

 “I truly believe he’s a psychopath,” Knezovich says. “I truly expect him to try to kill me.”

One has to wonder since there is no evidence that Maclay has ever been the subject of a mental health evaluation, let alone a clinical diagnosis the he is a psychopath, whether Maclay is documenting all of Ozzie’s public statements preparing for a defamation lawsuit against Knezovich and Spokane County.


 Ozzie of course absolutely refuses to answer any questions from this Investigative Reporter, even to the point of threatening Harassment charges against me. So, I’m always interested in what he states to other Reporters.

“Maclay, on his website, says the evidence of death threats are nonexistent, but the sheriff says he turned that information over to the FBI to investigate.”

Yes, Ozzie did make a complaint to the FBI, but there is more to the story, including the results of the investigation by the Joint Terrorism Task Force which IMO would have been important in the story. One of the Investigators in that case happened to be a Spokane County Sheriffs Deputy Shane McClary who was on assignment to that task force and reported directly to Knezovich aspects of the investigation.


When Ozzie states to the reporter “I truly expect him to kill me.” the obvious follow up question would be, “Sheriff, isn’t it true that you made a complaint to the Feds who spent a considerable amount of time investigating whether or not Maclay threatened your life and put a “bounty” on your head and that extensive investigation which included many interviews with local people did not find evidence to support a criminal charge against Maclay?”

Maclay began throwing volleyballs at patrol cars in protest, until he received a cease-and-desist letter from Holyk’s family.”

It is of course a real dumb idea to throw volleyballs at patrol cars, but I don’t know of any evidence that Maclay ever did throw any volleyballs at patrol cars, if he had I would think he would have been arrested.

“But Knezovich says Maclay aggressively confronted his wife in 2014 and disrupted the public memorial service of Freeman High School shooting victim Sam Strahan. He worries Maclay is escalating. He sees Maclay as not just irritating, but dangerous.”

I find the new terminology; “Maclay aggressively confronted his wife in 2014”, the truth is that the Sheriff continually accused Maclay of “assaulting” his wife, including under oath in his official police report of his arrest false arrest of Maclay.

Assaulted Wife 1

Assaulted Wife 2

No Charges 1

No Charges 2


It is quite clear in documents as well as interviews with witnesses including the Sheriff’s wife Paula that there is no evidence that Maclay ever assault Paula Knezovich in 2014. According to the Washington State Patrol investigation into the alleged assault Knezovich perpetrated on former Undersheriff Dave Wiyrick, Paula Knezovich herself reported she wasn’t assaulted.

Paula Statement to WSP

I would think any reasonable person could conclude that Ozzie’s allegations that Maclay assaulted his wife could very well end up real problematic for him in the months to come.