The Bouinty Hunter Steve McQueen


Recently memories of watching the old TV Series “Wanted Dead or Alive” starring Steve McQueen who played a Bounty Hunter keep popping into my head since I have been trying to run down exactly when Scott Maclay issued a “Bounty” on the head of Sheriff Knezovich which the Sheriff documents in his official police report concerning the arrest of Scott Maclay and has resulted in him sleeping with a double-barreled shotgun next to his bed.

Ozzie threats bounty

Needless to say, “The Buff” isn’t much of a “Bounty Hunter” because so far, I sure as hell can’t come up with any public or private announcement by Maclay of a Bounty on the life of Sheriff Knezovich.

The only thing I can come up with is the odd reference to a Facebook post made by Maclay in a failed attempt on the part Bob West, Ozzie Knezovich, and Brandi Peetz to obtain an Anti-Harassment Temporary Order of Protection.

Maclay reward image


What is odd to me about this evidence submitted in the denied TPO request is that it is a copy of a Facebook post made by Maclay on July 24, 2017 and copied two hours after he posted it on the Rattlesnakes Motorcycle Club Facebook page, especially odd since it does not include the image which accompanied the words Maclay wrote, nor did it include the comments made by Marta Peetz (Sister of Brandi Peetz’s husband), Scott Maclay, and Gary Babcock over 22 Weeks ago.

July 24, 2017 FB Post 1

July 24, 2017 FB Post 2

Everyone can certainly draw their own conclusions as to whether or not Maclay’s Facebook post was publicly placing a “Bounty” on the LIFE of anyone, but for me and taken in context along with the photo of the defaced Caleb Collier campaign sign as well as the comments associated with the post I draw the conclusion Maclay was offering a reward for people defacing campaign signs and not a “Bounty” on someone’s life.

Checking the Facebook edit history it shows that the photo of the defaced Collier sign was posted on July 24, 2017 at 3:11 PM another edit to the post took place at 6:02 PM the same day. Since according to Maclay he has never been contacted by any law enforcement authorities regarding death threats or a bounty I contacted him via email for a statement. Maclay states that he did that day (July 24, 2017), he was unsure of the time, delete the names Brandi Peetz and Sheriff Knezovich from the original post, thinking it was not a good idea to specifically name them if they actually weren’t the ones defacing signs. Maclay further stated that the term “Clique-of-Bitterness” is a term used by Ed Pace to describe a group of individuals which includes Knezovich, Peetz, and West. Maclay also stated that the image of the defaced Collier sign was always included in the original post and the comments of Marta Peetz’s and Greg Babcock seem to support his statement. Maclay continues to deny ever having threatened the life of Knezovich, Peetz, or West. He does however admit that in retrospect using the term “beating” in the post was inappropriate and campaign sign defacers should simply be reported to the police or held until the police arrive, but he was not in any way threatening anyone’s life as has been alleged.

FB edit history

Also interesting is the Facebook share data. Obviously Maclay would share the post with his “Dump Ozzie” FB page on July 24, 2017, but he also shared it with “The William Tell Project” Facebook page, which I hadn’t heard of before and turns out to be…well…interesting.

Share image 1

I can’t help but wonder if the Judge denying the “3” Petitioners” the Anti-Harassment TPO, among other things, went back and actually checked Maclay’s Facebook post.

3 Petitioners

TPO Denial

I also can’t help but wonder if since Robert West is the only one to sign the Anti-Harassment TPO under the penalty of perjury we might be seeing the other two Petitioners Knezovich and Peetz throwing Bob West under the bus.

West TPO signature

If you are interested in reading the entire Anti-Harassment TPO attempt, you can find it at this link.


As I have reported in previous stories Sheriff Knezovich is being very uncooperative when it comes to providing me with information regarding the yearlong investigation into death threats made by Maclay against his life, as well as the “Bounty” Maclay placed on his life, however if you read the Anti-Harassment TPO you might have noticed leads for me that have been provided. On two occasions in the TPO it states that the FBI is investigating the allegation that Maclay put a “Bounty” on his life.

West FBI Investigation 1

West FBI Investigation 2

Needless to say, I’m in position where as an Investigative Reporter I must again ask Ozzie, and submit a FOIA to the FBI regarding their investigation of the “Bounty” …such is life I guess!