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“This is just dirty politics. It’s been a dirty race, and it continues to be a dirty race,” Knezovich said.

Knezovich said he would look further into the details surrounding West’s termination from City Hall and leave it up to members of the Citizen’s Advisory Board to weigh in on whether he should be removed from the panel.

“All of this does not make Mr. Collier or Matt Shea look very good,” Knezovich said. “As of right now, I don’t see anything nefarious like they want to claim. I think when you’re dealing with somebody’s credibility and their reputation, you have to do your due diligence.”

Must have a large network of conspirators including Teresa Sanders (The City Administrator who publicly called Ozzie Knezovich a liar), Mayor Condon, Human Resources Director Chris Cavanaugh, Court Commissioner Howard Delaney, City Attorney Mike Ormsby, and many moles inside City of Spokane Government who secretly act under the leadership of Caleb Collier and Matt Shea.

Both Collier and Shea, if you were to believe Ozzie’s version of why West was fired, were somehow able to recruit and utilize West’s coworkers in the conspiracy, something they would have had to of done to secure the firing of Bob West.

Yes, that’s right aside from the using taxpayers time and resources to aid his daughters campaign Collier and Shea needed someone to make false claims against West of “Harassment”, “Bullying”, and Retaliation to get him fired.

Harrasment Bullying Retaliation


Not surprisingly Ozzie doesn’t “see anything nefarious” about Harassment, Bullying, and Retaliation when one of his minions is accused, I wonder how his recent Workplace Harassment training went…I didn’t buy a ticket, maybe I should have. I can’t help but wonder what explanation Ozzie will come up with when he does his “due diligence” and he takes a “look further into the details surrounding West’s termination”. We will have to see if Ozzie does in fact preform his “due diligence” when he looks into West’s termination like I do. Don’t forget to get all the emails and text messages Ozzie, they always tell a story. When I get them, I’ll send you copies if the City doesn’t provide them to you right way, it should be easy for the City to provide you with the same thing I requested, and the gals in the City Clerks Office are currently diligently working on my PRR which includes everything.

I’ve got to give the SR credit for accepting the challenge and writing a story regarding Robert West’s suspensions, and subsequent termination from City Employment, indications are the Inlander will follow suit.

Unfortunately, even though Ozzie specifically requested that I contact him for comment on my stories for the most part Ozzie will not respond or answer any questions I might have, so perhaps another reporter can get some answers.

As an example, I would ask Ozzie exactly what his role was in preparing the failed Anti-Harassment TPO to which Robert West signed, under the penalty of perjury, that Ozzie along with West’s daughter were Petitioners.

3 Petitioners

Another question I would pose to Ozzie is what he knows about the FBI Investigation into the “Bounty” on the life of himself, Robert West, and Brandi Peetz.

FBI Bounty

Facebook Post West refers to as bounty


As for “due diligence”…

FBI FOIA Jan 4 2018 No 1

FBI FOIA Jan 4 2018 No 2

FBI FOIA Jan 4 2018 No 3

Beyond the questions above, I most certainly would have a number of other questions but I’m sure other reporters, if they so choose, can come up with many of their own.

Many, many moons ago I learned that the Devil is always in the details, something Ozzie is just beginning to learn.