Condon Stuckart

Why doesn’t other MSM media cover what I am able uncover?

That is a question you would have to ask them!

Although without question local reporters follow my stories and are aware I have excellent sources and a pot full of factual data and documents, IMO either the reporters or their editors don’t think what I have come up with is newsworthy and of interest to the general public or perhaps it is simply a matter of not wanting to do the work it takes. To be fair other media sources have belatedly followed up on information I have developed and reported, including but not limited to the Cotton/Straub Affair, The McMurtrey Cover-up, to name just two, but apparently the fact that a City Employee was fired for using City resources to further his daughters election campaign must not be considered newsworthy by the MSM even though my stories regarding Bob West have been widely disseminated on the internet and in some cases there have been calls for further investigation.

As an Investigative Reporter I would have thought that given the coverage of the Spokane City Council’s override of the Condon veto regarding election finance reform within the City Limits the fact that a City Employee was ultimately fired for among other things “the inappropriate use of City resources and premises to conduct campaign activities” as well as the Ordinance appearing to exempt Unions of which the majority of City Employees like Bob West are members, and many of whom have access to privileged and confidential information the Bob West my Bob West stories would have some newsworthy relevance, but at this point in some circles, apparently not.

I would suspect that there will likely be some type of costly litigation taking place questioning the authority of the Spokane City Council to codify more restrictive finance reform than SCOTUS has established. What might come up if a litigation takes place will be interesting. It will also be interesting to see if the City Council takes steps to safeguard future attempts to inappropriately use City resources and premises to conduct campaign activities, including inappropriately and perhaps illegally accessing restricted law enforcement information.


Bottom line…I can’t give you a definitive answer…ask them!