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Ineffective assistance of counsel is a claim raised by a convicted criminal defendant for the plaintiff where the innocent plaintiff’s attorney’s performance was so ineffective that it deprived the plaintiff of the constitutional right guaranteed by the Assistance of Counsel Clause of the Sixth Amendment to the United States Constitution.

It is a nice for a convicted criminal to have an option when he/she isn’t effectively represented. Unfortunately, however for John or Jane Q Citizen when it comes to their Elected Representatives who are supposed to be representing them, and especially when it comes to using John and Jane’s money, the options are limited, vote them out of office, initiate a recall petition, file an ethics or criminal complaint, or on the other hand just sit back and enjoy it.

One of the advantages Elected Representatives have for keeping a lid on adverse expenditures is once the expenditure is approved they can count on almost no one checking to see just how well our money was spent.


As far as our costly spiffy new Computer Aided Dispatch/Record Management System is concerned, sure doesn’t look good at this point, but who knows for sure, certainly not the Public Safety Committee, or the City Council, and even if they did John and Jane sure wouldn’t know. From what I understand from sources it’s a mess, and in the typical style of PSC Chair Person Lori Kinnear there is never any reason to believe anything other than what the folks at SPD tell her, besides if she actually looked into what is really going on it might look bad for her, or for that matter the rest of the City Council.

Public Safety Committee; June 19, 2017

PSC June 19, 2017 Image

It gets a bit repetitive, Doesn’t it?

Attention LK


This story by Rachael Alexander back in February of 2015 should have been a wake-up call for everyone.

“New World, a Michigan-based software company, has been involved in several contract disputes on the west side of the state over delays in implementation of its dispatch software. But Spokane officials say they’re confident they can avoid the pitfalls that caused problems with those agencies.

Projects with the North East King County Regional Public Safety Communication Agency (NORCOM) and Southwest Snohomish County Communications Agency (SNOCOM) ended with settlements in which New World agreed to reduce maintenance fees because of software issues.”

But as is usually the case here in Spokane, little if any follow-up is done by the media or our Elected Representatives, and why should anyone bother since the credit card has an unlimited balance.

Here is just a little bit of the BEFORE, AFTER, and ONGOING!


***NOTE TO PSC AND LORI KINNEAR: Go ask this guy how it’s going, remember he is one of those many, many high paid EXEMPTS Mayor Condon and you folks hired, and part of his job was to honcho this mess. Since the budget is upon you exactly how many of these high paid EXEMPTS are we paying for, and have any of you bothered to use your new personal trainer from the Spokane Club?

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