For readers that don’t recall this January 13th, 2017 story and public records request forced Mayor Condon and Chief Craig Meidl to come at least partially clean.


That story forced Craig Meidl to hold a press conference and release the Body Camera Footage of “the most atrocious demeanor by an officer” he had seen. The “atrocious demeanor” was not so incidentally against an African American individual, just as IA Case C17-003 involving Officer John O’Brien will even though Condon and Meidl are using the Fade and Forget Strategy to lessen the adverse impact for both of them when Meidl has another Press Conference releasing that Body Camera Footage.


As a result of Meidl’s “most atrocious demeanor” case another one far more important to both he and Mayor Condon…FIND THE LEAK…was initiated.


The “Leak Investigation” which began in February 2017 was still “on-going” as of May 22, 2017. I haven’t checked on the status of the case recently, but will, and when it is concluded I will do a PRR as I am sure that Investigation will be another treasure trove of story material the Public should know about.




It is important to understand that the Public Records Act requires that Public Records be made available promptly to any person.

RCW 4256080


The reason the PRA requires Public Records be made available promptly is to prevent the Fade and Forget Strategy and there have been untold number of successful litigations against agencies for using the strategy, including the City of Spokane, at least one of those litigations resulted in a six-figure settlement. The Spokesman Review was at one time a leader in the State in PRA litigations, they no longer have any interest in bringing PRA violation actions.


The Cappel report regarding the Cotton/Straub case showed a glimpse into the Fade and Forget Strategy employed by Mayor Condon, which he and Meidl are continuing to use.


Keep in mind that Condon nor Meidl, and the City Clerk’s Office could care less about violating the PRA because the money from any settlement or favorable verdict doesn’t come out of their pockets, it comes out of the Citizen’s pockets, and beyond the settlement/verdict there are NO repercussions for them individually.




On June 6, 2017 I received this email from OPO Logue.

Logue Feb 8


I have NO REASON to doubt that the OPO provided the City Clerk with documents responsive to my PRR on February 8, 2017. Once Logue’s email was sent to me, quite obviously the stuff hit the fan at City Hall as two days later I received this email from Lori Farnsworth in the City Clerks Office.

Farnsworth June 8


It makes it quite clear that the City Clerks Office has been sitting on documents responsive to my January 13, 2017 PRR for a period of FIVE MONTHS (Fade and Forget)! As I reported earlier Mayor Condon’s mouthpiece Brian Coddington reviews all Public Records Requests, for obvious reasons.

Public Records Officer


When you read two of the documents it becomes quite clear why Mayor Condon, and Craig Meidl wanted to keep them from me and the Public for as long as possible, or perhaps never.


Not only do they provide insight into the McMurtrey cover-up, but also insight into this story.


I’m going to point out just a few things in the above linked detailed documents which are from a period in 2016, and maintain some hold-backs until I get the rest of what the Mayor and Meidl are willing to give up without litigation.

Show others


This notation just adds to the list of suspects in the “Leak Investigation”.

McDevitt frustration


On Thursday June 23, 2016 Logue is PO’d that the case is AFU.

McDevitt expert


Do us a favor Mayor Condon dump your wannbe cop friend from your decision making process! The City would be much better off!


You gotta believe Logue is happy he didn’t get involved with Ozzie’s Holyk cover-up!

Because of Guild


Not only a real testament to Mayor Condon’s “National Model For Police Oversight”, but also a sign of the BS the OPO gets from SPD, remember there was an independent witness to McMurtrey’s “atrocious demeanor”!

One of the things I hope you will notice regarding the two OPO documents is that they represent activity for period of only 19 days in 2016, this will become relavent with future stories.