A good Inlander story regarding the less than transparent Condon Administration and SPD.

The only thing I would disagree with is ‘big step backward’ in the headline. I can’t see where they ever moved forward.

This story of mine from April of 2016 might help as far as background is concerned.


If you go to my story linked above and click on some of the IA Case summaries which used to be posted on the IA Website, it would be helpful to you in understanding where I’m coming from (note the years on the cases).

Another must read for perspective and context purposes is this link I provided in the same story. 

This email then Director of Strategic Initiatives, and now Probationary Patrol Officer, Tim Schwering sent to Mary Muramatsu, Erin Jacobson, and Nancy Isserlis after receiving the Gleason letter might give you some idea of just how seriously the Condon Administration and SPD take the Public Records Act.


You should love this kind of stuff from back in 2015!


So how many years does it take for Mayor Condon and SPD to start complying with the Public Records Act?

Hold on just one second here!!!

How in the world could there be a staffing problem at SPD when the Mayor officially committed to increase the budget amount allocated for addressing public records requests????


You have to take a step forward before you can take a step backward… unless of course you really don’t want to move forward!



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