When we get the Ozzie/Buff Feature Video and you see the footage that goes into his role in the Anthony Bosworth “Protest” at the Federal Building you might want to keep this Video in mind. It seems Ozzie has an issue with people taking video of cops in action. On the other hand, Ozzie seems to have NO ISSUE whatsoever with video footage, if he thinks he can control it… We shall see!

I’m not quite sure what this statement below the video means:

“Sheriff Ozzie helped get free him.”


At the end of this video, you will see Ozzie turning and heading toward the Federal Building after stating “OK, we’ll see.”


You must watch the Ozzie/Buff Feature Video, where you will notice that Ozzie maintains there was nothing contentious between he and the Feds, and the Feds even gave him a grand tour of the new holding facilities in the Federal Building.







9 thoughts on “ANOTHER TEASER!!!

  1. Ozman could never be accused of being ‘camera shy’, imo.

    Did a citizen call him down to the Bosworth ‘demonstration’? Or did law enforcement contact him? Do you know? Why would a county sheriff mix it up with DHS and the other Feds? I didn’t know that Ozman got involved in this, must have missed that part in the SledShelia~Review article?

    Do you know?

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