I’m not sure why?


Let us not forget where the Ozzie/Buff Video Feature had its roots:

It all started back on December 21st, 2016 when I wrote this story.


Then on December 23rd, 2016 Ozzie decided to respond with his opinion via his Twitter account on the issue.





From there it went to a Twitter back and forth until Ozzie blocked me from his Twitter account.

At this point I am waiting to be notified by Deputy Mark Gregory that the un-edited/un-redacted video is ready to pick up it should be about an hour according to Gregory. Once I get it I will take the steps to post it.


Part of the Twitter interaction was Ozzie denying he was aware of a complaint made against him by Scott Maclay, whom Ozzie describes as one of my friends, even though I have never met the man. As it turns out the IA Case was investigated by Sgt. Tim Hines and Ozzie read a letter on camera Hines wrote to Maclay telling Maclay the case against Ozzie was unfounded. Some folks will be interested in some of the questions I asked regarding the complaint.


Ozzie seemed to become incensed when I mentioned a previous case Hines Investigated during which Hines had the wrong guy who was a past client.


I still can’t figure out why Ozzie would seem incensed, since he had mentioned a number of other people during the video, and I even complimented Ozzie for contacting and apologizing to the innocent former client.


Be sure and take note of the times Ozzie refers to the people who will see the video, and you will note that Ozzie really did want the video public.



3 thoughts on “INCENSED I WOULD BRING IT UP!!!

      1. Long? I like long! It takes time to tell/investigate a story.

        Well, I apologize to the Ozman for doubting that he’d turn the video over; thought he’d hide behind county legal dept.

        Will stay tuned, for the next exciting installment of Ozzie V. Buff!

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