The thumb drive I obtained from Deputy Mark Gregory yesterday is one long sucker and contains footage from two video cards which are divided into eleven segments. It took all night for this first segment to upload to YouTube so this entire process will be eleven long episodes.

I should make it clear that Ozzie could have followed the Public Records Act, contacted the individuals named in the video and provided them with an opportunity to object to the video’s release, or he could have redacted the names of the various people mentioned on the tape. Ozzie chose not to and released it in its entirety.

I have no idea whatsoever how much Ozzie’s efforts to try and prove me a liar cost taxpayers however if you consider overtime, preparation time, copying, Prosecutors Office pre-and post-involvement, etcetera it wasn’t cheap, so I want to make sure you get your money’s worth and will post it all. Throughout the footage, Ozzie mentions the people that will see the video and in another episode requests that I don’t “Cherry-Pick” what I show, something I wouldn’t do.

You might notice throughout that Ozzie makes every effort to stick to his script which was this 18.7-megabyte Power Point Presentation entitled “Breen Allegations.”, he had obviously spent a lot of time preparing.


How Ozzie could have ever believed that I would have laid back and simply watched his show is beyond me… as you will see as much as he would have liked me to… I didn’t.

Another interesting aspect of this is that Ozzie, in an email after the meeting, informed me that he had provided the Prosecutor his “evidence” that I am a liar. This is important, as I mentioned earlier one of my old Murder Cases is set for Trial in May any evidence that I am liar and not credible on the witness stand must be made available to the defense.

This is the Murder Case:


It will be an interesting case, and will deal to some extent with the evolution of DNA evidence right here in River City. Larry Haskell will be prosecuting the case, along with a female Deputy Prosecuting Attorney.


Setting the Stage:

Shortly after 1:30 PM February 1st, 2017 I walked into the large Sheriff’s Conference Room at the Public Safety Building. Waiting there for me were SIX fellows, Ozzie, Mark Gregory, Retired Deputy Silver, Retired SVC Police Chief Rick VanLeuven, Ozzie’s training Deputy, and another fellow dressed in a coat and tie.

Ozzie I’m sure will maintain that the reason he had all those folks there, some on our dime, was to present the evidence that I am a liar, and Ozzie’s “facts.” Other people have a different view of why he needed all those folks.

You might notice from the video, that Rick VanLeuven remained somewhat stoic throughout, while retired Deputy Silver was anything but stoic.

The video starts out with Ozzie going into his favorite, that I disparage cops, and then goes into Ozzie giving his explanation of his involvement with Anthony Bosworth, something another Investigative Reporter will enjoy watching, and I addressed to a certain extent here, but with holdbacks of course.


Most of this Episode deals with Ozzie’s distain for and being “rankled” for me using the term “Bunk Data” regarding the data he submitted to ICMA Consultants when they did a study of Policing Services for the Spokane Valley City. Ozzie maintains his rankle has nothing to do with the contract he has for Police Services with Spokane Valley City, and this video is primarily a rehash of this rankle.


This Twitter of mine also rankled Ozzie, thus the big production:


Here is the link I provided Ozzie on Twitter


I even was nice enough to break out ICMA’s nice way of saying they got “Bunk Data.”

I really can’t figure out why Ozzie is hung up one the word “Bunk,” in the past when referring to the same data I referred it as phony, and bogus. You will see that ICMA refers to “discrepancies” rather than “Bunk” … it probably does sound better, but I like “Bunk.”


One of the things you will notice in the video is how hard I hit, “Was this their final report?” it took a while but finally I got there (refer to the image above). Either Ozzie never gave ICMA data which didn’t conflict with the previous data or ICMA dismissed it as more bunk. Also, you might take note of me hitting “Did you give them Detective assignment data, yes or no?” You can watch their answers for yourself but I thought they were funny considering that is exactly what ICMA was reporting. You will see later in other Episodes that I could pin Ozzie down that the SO Property Crimes Detectives work a grand total of 130 cases per year and one that works 30.

If you read the ICMA Report you might note that they point out that this as I did to Ozzie, and he did finally say he would consider it


You can decide what is “Bunk” and what isn’t and whether a 10.8 caseload is getting the job done.

I’m going to stop here but may come back later. I’ll be happy to answer any questions if they aren’t related to this old cops girth, lack of good looks, or “Manscaping”!

You might have to pull this back to the beginning:




  1. Good stuff, Buff!

    What I am seeing is you making the sheriff and his cronies quite uncomfortable. Looking forward to the next episode. I thought our friend Slednutz was saying you were going to be eating some crow? Didn’t see that here.

    Side note, what kind of amateurs does the SCSO have handling their AV equipment? It goes from can barely hear it to 120 decibels and and then back down to whisper quiet.


  2. Hey! YOU offered the info on your personal “manscaping” routine, I didn’t question you about it; merely commented on the lack of it in SV. LOL!

    Gotta make a large batch of popcorn before delving into this further. Thanks for setting the stage.

    Liked by 1 person

          1. Yeah, I saw those pics. Pretty groovy!

            Hey, it’s painfully clear that Ozman had an agenda and his power point slides that he did not want to deviate from. He sure didn’t want you asking any of your notorious pointy questions. And that grey dude/numbers guy, left foreground? I don’t think he truly understood what the hell he was jabbering on about. He sure didn’t comprehend your question regarding case load assignments to detectives.

            Liked by 1 person

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