So why bother to fact check or get the data necessary to make a rational decision?

The City Council’s easy and unquestioning approval of SPD’s 2017 Budget makes those who have previously been involved in the SPD Budget Process just shake their heads and laugh. In the past SPD Administrators had to spend considerable time putting together data which included such things as “A Calls For Service (CFS) Analysis”, “An Assigned Caseload Data Analysis”, “An Overtime/Sick Leave Analysis,” and on and on. Today this is all you need to get the MONEY YOU WANT, and not necessarily the MONEY YOU NEED!

A Power Point Presentation created in 2004, authored by Marlene Feist, that has seen 391 revisions. Good job Marlene a lot of folks have gotten some mileage from your original Power Point!





“4 additional Officer-NRO’s”


Does SPD need four new “NRO’s”? WAIT JUST A DAMN MINUTE…What the hell is an NRO? Is that the same as Mayor Condon and Frank Straub’s “NCO” (Neighborhood Condition Officer) “?




Well, I’ll be darned it sure as hell is! Funny that the NRO is a position we developed back when there was real Community Orientated Policing, and not just a bunch of fluff.


“1 additional Officer-DV”


Well great, exactly how many street cops are assigned to the DV Unit now that should be on the street and what is their caseload? What is the caseload of the Detectives assigned to the DV Unit? The City Council obviously doesn’t know or even care it would appear.


“1 additional Officer was added during 2016 with an EBO”

So, whatever the big Emergency was in 2016 that required an Emergency Budget Ordinance to hire another Officer must still exist since the money is being rolled in as an addition to the 2017 Budget.

It must be this one…eh?





Wait just a damn minute! This EOB isn’t for an “Officer” it is creating a new position for a “Sergeant” which involves a hell of a lot more money than just an “Officer”.


“1 additional Officer-CJTC BLEA contracts”


So, is this an “Officer” or is this another Sergeant’s position being created due to the contracts with the Criminal Justice Training Commission and the Basic Law Enforcement Academy? Sneaky if it is…eh?

The problem is the City Council doesn’t know, I don’t know, and you don’t know, if it is a sneaky move simply because despite Karen Stratton’s Ordinance (Chapter 03.07 Payments to Employees and Applicants, Section 03.07.330 Establishment of New Exempt Positions) it is obviously another one of the Ordinances the City Council enacts and SPD doesn’t comply with, nor are they ever forced to comply, unless of course a member of the media submits a PRR requesting the documents required under the Ordinance…then it becomes one of those… “Oh Craps!”




How in the world can the Spokane City Council make any kind of a budget decision when they don’t even know what the SPD Staffing Level is and where it is, let alone use OUR million dollar “windfall” from the Speed Zone Cameras for SPD staffing? They even made a decision to use OUR windfall without having any knowledge whatsoever of the now not so secret Patrol Staffing Analysis that was required by COPS/DOJ. 


“2 additional Information Technology positions”


Obviously the 911 Excise Tax and One-Tenth Emergency Communications Tax WE pay must not be enough to cover 2 positions in the Spokane Regional Emergency Communications Budget, so some dope at SPD said NO PROBLEM we will just add it to our budget for you folks, after all the money comes from the same source…so why not?









Since the Spokane City Council decided to make Spokane a “Sanctuary City”, because they had absolutely no understanding whatsoever of Terry vs Ohio, and President Elect Donald Trump has on several occasions stated that he will withhold all Federal Grant Funding from ALL “Sanctuary Cities” wouldn’t OUR million-dollar windfall come in handy to cover the $1.207 in “1620 & 1530-Grants” SPD is relying on in the 2017 budget?


Does anyone realize how absurd a Staffing Level of 24.4 Full Time Employees in the Chief’s Office at a cost of $5.65 Million is?



I’ll be darned that “Director- Strategic Initiatives” is listed as vacant? I wonder if Tim Schwering applied for that position? One would have to think that the $123,630.48 must be in the 2017 Budget. Funny isn’t it how long SPD has been able to get along without a Director of Strategic Initiatives…it has been about 8 months now hasn’t it?



Boy the political climate is interesting around here! The D-man is President Elect, Ozzie K and Ben S announcing a run against CMR thinking she was going to become a Tumpster, Breean B running for his Council Spot likely against Kevin P, Condon on his last leg opening a Mayor spot, Ormsby soon to be out as US Attorney with his office in a real mess with the Bolton case, and on and on. Maybe we will see Ben running for Mayor instead of CMR’s spot, and Ozzie better go back to plan A and start schmoozing the Trump folks more for the US Marshal’s job.

Spokane is kind of a funny place, if you are a Politician it doesn’t matter if you don’t seek the truth, get the data, and hold Administrators responsible for what they spend and how they spend OUR money you still just might get elected!



17 thoughts on “IT ISN’T THEIR MONEY!

  1. One has to feel for the guy. All his Spokesman friends are gone, so now has to reach out to his enemies to have a social life of some kind. Does that make you two frenemies?

    Liked by 2 people

    1. I think it is important to provide an outlet like this for people like my frenemy Sled to pretend they are important, otherwise the psychological damage could end up being severe. Despite my Curmudgeonist Ideology… I do have some heart! 🙂

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  2. When you were allowed to post on the SR you said if you ever sued and won you would, “donate the money to the Vanessa Behan Center, my case.” What ever happened to that thought??


    1. As you well know the Vanessa Behan Murder Case was my case, and needless to say any donations to the Center are of course outstanding! I changed course when it became apparent that SPD is in need of considerable oversight which of course would include their handling of Child Abuse cases. I read some IA complaints that were made regarding the handling of Child Abuse Cases that caused me concern and felt that in the overall picture of things better oversight would in the end help the VBC. As you also know I have helped VBC in the past in a number of ways. The link below is but one case of many cases that would cause anyone concern. Maybe the money from the next one will end up at VBC.

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    1. I know! I’m trying to get to the bottom of it. I just sent an email to the guy that shovels horse manure for you with an attachment for you to see what I’m doing. The problem is Meidl is all onboard with Condon’s plan to negate Civil Service. At this point I have another battle going on with PRRs I have submitted as you will see when you read what I sent to the pooper scooper! 🙂

      Looks like I’ll end up with another case against the City, only this time I might keep the money! 🙂

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      1. Boy, that was a yawner. No wonder your blog is dead. Maybe if you stopped blowing your own horn you might get more traffic. Of course, you being a narcissist, that won’t ever happen.


          1. At least he quit calling himself “Moby Dick”; the only part of that nomenclature that was close to being correct was the dick part. Also notice he still has no self-control. LOL!

            Haven’t had time to sort through all of the linked material on this story yet but I have to question the council’s lack of oversight and due diligence. When they voted to give themselves a raise and make their positions full time AND voted themselves paid full time assistants, I thought we would get a more professional council and one that would devote the hours necessary to comprehend the issues that come before them. Sadly, that does not seem to be the case; council seems unaware and disinterested in doing what is best for our fair city. Lazy rubber stampers, imo.

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            1. “nomenclature” sounds like a military term used to identify the various parts of a weapon you had to breakdown and put back together blindfolded? The thing is our friend “Anonymous” would need a Recon Team just to find his gun! 🙂

              It would appear the City Council is sooo busy that have to rely on the Bureaucrats for all their information. I wonder if they ever thought that might be the reason they just had to put over a half million aside to pay for lawsuit defense?

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              1. This is my weapon, THIS is my gun; one is for fighting, one is for…
                Oh, never mind.

                Citizens/taxpayers have not gotten a more professional council by being extorted to pay full-time salaries (with pay raises) as well as the cost of (what started out as part-time) full-time assistants. Likewise, we are not getting safer school zones by being extorted, via big brother cameras and a company in AZ and our council, to pay salaries for a few more law enforcement officers.

                We collect/extract from our minimum wage economy 2 million in fines. We give one million to the camera folks in AZ and keep one million for ourselves. Before you can say “Jack Robinson” the council has spent the million and then some. Not to say that more LEOs aren’t needed but I question how our council got us here. Best practices? Not. So. Much.

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