When you are playing in a hockey game?

Poor Ozzie is getting picked on again, and when I noticed this story I couldn’t help to relate back to my days playing for the Spokane Police Fire Hockey Team, including playing benefit games like the one mentioned in this story.




Knezovich arrived at the arena for the Spokane law enforcement vs. Tri-Cities law enforcement charity event before the Spokane Chiefs hockey game when he was forced to disarm himself before going inside.

“If they’re not in uniform how would we know they’re on duty?” he said.

Knezovich said he was wearing a suit with a badge on the lapel. The security staff recognized him and were apologetic, he said.

“This is atrocious,” he said. “Every year I go there. Every year I’ve been armed.”


I can’t help but wonder what all the cops playing in the game did with their own duty weapons. A cop of course is theoretically “on duty” 24/7 and that is why law enforcement agencies have policies regarding carrying their weapons off duty, as well as when they should and should not become involved in an issue like Ozzie’s policy below.




Ozzie maintains he was “on duty” and in plain clothes, which is okay for sure and there are always lots of armed cops running around in plain clothes every day. Armed plain clothes cops sometimes get shot by other cops who don’t recognize them as cops. With Ozzie, at least around here, that isn’t a problem most people by virtue of his media presence know who he is whether he is in uniform, as he usually is or not.

Back in the day, we didn’t have any problem locking our weapons in the trunk of our cars before entering a venue or building, and especially where there were lots of kids and innocent folks who could get hurt or killed in a shootout.

Times have changed, and gun rights activists will point out that being armed in a venue the like Arena would prevent more people from getting killed during a shootout or terrorist attack. They may have a point of course. Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for the Second Amendment, but as far as I’m concerned, the issue has really gotten out of hand.

It really is funny how things often relate to each other in this town. If you follow the OZZIE/BUFF Episodes you will see that one of the stories I wrote that Ozzie didn’t like was this one.


Above I just point out the truth about the usual HSS. In the OZZIE/BUFF Episodes you will find that Ozzie didn’t know about Deputy Travis Pendell’s presentation in front of Jeff Ware’s Northwest Coalition of Patriots.

You might notice if you watch the video in the above story Jeff Ware himself was denied entry into a City Building with his weapon. Jeff is a hard-core gun rights activist, nothing wrong with that, but in my view both sides of the issue are way over the top.

Ozzie states that it was “atrocious” that he had to go lock his weapon in the trunk of his car or truck, which ever one he was driving that day, But the truth is what would really be “atrocious” is if any of those cops stored their weapons in a hockey bag. If you have ever played the game or lived with someone who has you would know just how badly those hockey bags STINK, and heaven forbid if some of that stink transferred to the weapon. Even more “atrocious” would be if one of the cops concealed his weapon in his hockey pants … you can figure out just how bad that would be for yourself.

One has to wonder how many  Confidential Informants Ozzie has in these various gun advocate groups?

I wonder if the Tri-Cities Cops knew who Ozzie is?



  1. It’s not that I want to “tear down” the Sheriff’s Department… it’s that I would like to “tear the veil of secrecy” in the Sheriff’s Department, even within the Department… I am not alone. Where do you think I get this stuff???

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    1. I understand where you are coming from. I don’t want to tear down the many great Deputies on the SO either. That veil is sometimes made of cast iron and is hard to tear down. As far as where you “get this stuff” the same question has been asked of me…including by Ozzie…as for me I’m good with going to jail to protect sources, and it isn’t my business where you “get this stuff”. 🙂 🙂

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    2. I forgot to ask. Did you receive the letter Hines wrote to you Unfounding your IA Complaint against Ozzie? In a later Episode 0f Ozzie/Buff Ozzie for some reason feels compelled to read the letter out loud for the camera, and wouldn’t give me a copy because you hadn’t received it yet. You might notice when you view the Episode that I recommended to Ozzie that it might be a good idea for somebody to find out who the hell the friend of Murray’s was that Pendell gave Murray’s weapons to. Apparently Pendell forgot who it was. Also there was some problems with the missing word “or” in the letter…so if you would please send me a copy of the final product.

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      1. Yes. Ozzie was right. Good to see the Arena folks apologies and clarify per Washington State Constitutional law that he was legal to carry his gun in with or without a uniform.

        How’s that crow tasting?

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          1. You made 3 blog pieces on “Arenagate” that were complete spin. Looks like you are the attention seeker, not the Ozzman. He handled it with grace. You…not so much.

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  2. Actually it’s Greek. “Molon labe” translates to “come take them”. Usually said in defiance. Custom Spartan grips.



    1. “More to the point, the battle of Thermopylae has very specifically become a symbol of the fight to defend America’s Second Amendment. A Persian emissary was sent by Xerxes to negotiate with Leonidas. The Greeks were offered their freedom and the title “Friends of the Persian People,” and in addition, they would be re-settled on land better than that they possessed.”

      Read more: http://www.firearmsnews.com/guns/handguns/1911s/molon-labe-sig-sauer-m1911-spartan-review/#ixzz4YVmKJ7Wz


      1. Once again you go off on a tangent. He seems to be pro 2nd Amendment. What’s wrong with that? Doesn’t quite jive with your “paid informants” comment earlier either. Dude, your obsession is showing 🙂

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        1. Nothing wrong with that, you just shouldn’t be wearing it on you duty weapon. Lots of gun enthusiasts used the same battle cry when they thought Obama was going to take all their guns. As far as the informants are concerned…you mean Ozzie hasn’t told you yet? 🙂

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          1. “you just shouldn’t be wearing it on you duty weapon”

            Hmmmmm…last time I checked he is the Sheriff and not you 🙂 And that my friend is at the core of your obsession with him. He’s in charge and you aren’t. Typical of retired cops with giant egos and control issues.

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              1. It’s pretty obvious, Brian. Watch yourself in the video, constantly trying to control every word of the conversation. I thought Ozzman handled your hubris quite well. I would have told you to kick rocks in the first hour 🙂

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              2. Well of course you would have…but the problem is it wouldn’t have been hiding behind a keyboard which would have made it real difficult for you. Hear tell he does wish he would have told me to kick rocks in the first hour, but he had to try and get his phony Power Point Presentation In…so that upset his apple cart.

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  3. “One has to wonder how many Confidential Informants Ozzie has in these various gun advocate groups?”

    As the Ozzman would say, “Why do you do that”? 🙂

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  4. Just saw Ozman whining and hamming it up for the cameras outside of Spokane Arena, after being ordered to disarm before being granted admission into the building, going on about bureaucrats etc… and admitting that HE DID NOT KNOW THE LAW regarding weapons and the Spokane Arena.

    Seriously? Maybe instead of getting into weeks long pi$$ing contests on Twitter, and instead of spending county time and other resources on making a power point presentation in some personalized vendetta against The Buff, and instead of wasting hours posting insulting and thinly veiled threatening comments on a Blog site, maybe…just maybe…our freaking sheriff could spend a little time educating himself on changing policies in our county that could impact the sheriff’s department?

    I know, I know! Now I’m talking crazy talk. Expecting a sheriff to know about changes to carry laws in his jurisdiction! I knew about the changes at the Arena. WHY THE HELL DIDN’T THE SHERIFF????????

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      1. http://www.inlander.com/Bloglander/archives/2016/10/19/new-security-measures-at-spokane-arena-inb-pac-heres-what-you-need-to-know

        Months ago, most people knew about this months ago.

        Why didn’t the sheriff know the rules? Or did the sheriff know but think that the rules do not apply to him? Would the sheriff had known about the changes, had he not been spending so much time embroiled in an over blown and groundless personal petty vendetta?

        What else has the sheriff missed, failed to do, or otherwise ignored because he uses too much time and energy in unproductive public pi$$ing matches? What else is going on in his jurisdiction that he’ll blame on “bureaucrats”… blathering on and on for the TeeVee cameras…all the while, the more he talks the more it becomes evident that he was caught clueless as to the rules at two of our largest event venues in the county.

        If I were to advise any political (and other) adversaries of the sheriff? I’d say save these blog threads with his rants/insults, the Twitter feud feed, and all Youtube videos on a flash drive; great fodder for political advertisements and other uses. It’s. All. Right. There.

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        1. Lol. Yes I remember but no where does that article states only uniformed Officers can carry guns. Perhaps Towhig didn’t clarify that rule change with the SCSO? I mean go ahead and rant your granny panties off if you want but Towhig did say in the Spokesman Review he needed to “clarify the rule change”.



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  5. Is that a gun in your hockey pants or are you just glad to see me?

    Sorry, Buff, I couldn’t resist the set up to that old joke…

    Kinda embarrassing for the Ozman, I would imagine? I mean, having to have the arena staff school him, the great and all powerful Oz? Wish I could have witnessed it!

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