Distraught…Very Distraught!!!!

The Sad Sled Story!

The King of the Spokesman Review Blogs Andrew Lee Scheldt aka “Sled” aka “Slednek” etc. is very distraught over this Blog and my Twitter Account. Sled, as he always does, went directly after another poster on “His Personal Blog” at the mere mention of my name. Here (below) he goes after an individual who like Sled has a Progressive outlook about many things, there is nothing wrong of course with a Progressive Outlook or Conservative Outlook, to each his own. My personal Outlook is probably somewhere in the middle so I have NO qualms about expressing my opinion either way in any venue using my own name. My life is an open book and so is everyone else’s with today’s easy access to public records as I have pointed out in past blog posts. As an example it is quite easy to tell when someone has been involved in criminal activity, subject to debt collection and bankruptcy, or living “on the dole”.

Andrew keeps forgetting that awhile back he and his former girlfriend “bellinghamster” utilized some of those resources to find my address, my wife’s place of employment, salary, and other public info. They then threatened to come to my home, and my wife’s work and confront her and myself with what they felt were inappropriate posts I had made regarding the truth about another poster. Being a stickler for documentation I of course made screenshots of the threats. My wife of course laughed when I showed her the posts and told her we might have company. There is of course little to worry about from CKCs (Cowardly Keyboard Commandos), after repeated complaints by Sled to his friends at the SR about my truthful posts I did bring Sled and bell’s previous threats to their attention via email, of course they were completely dismissed.

What is funny regarding Sled’s threats is his constant blaming of someone else for his predicaments, in most cases he blames women many of whom he has been in and out of relationships with, almost too many to count (I wonder why?). As far as the threats against me are concerned Sled of course blamed “bellinghamster” for everything as you can see in the screenshot below.

What is kind of comical regarding Sled’s recent attack on “printsubscriber” is that it isn’t the first time. He made another attack on “printsubscriber” in the previous thread linked below where Sled falsely claims to be a Jew. False claims are a part of Sled’s persona including making false claims of criminal conduct something anyone should be able to discern from his comments.

http://www.spokesman.com/stories/2014/oct/05/swastika-found-jewish-temple-wall-spokane/comments/   **

(** I of course have screenshots of all the deleted posts. Some might find that “weird” but it is a good way to protect yourself from false claims and they come in handy in court.)

Something else I find comical regarding those that don’t like my Twitter and Blog is the number of times you find people referring to their tracking of individuals and then posting what they have found on the SR Site. Time and again you read where people have done things like “Tracked his LinkedIn account”, “Found the address”, “Here is an old article”, etc. pretty hypocritical if you ask me.

As you can see from the screenshot below Sled feels “for the next person to be a target”, which is simply an effort on his part to gain sympathy as he often does. Another SR poster who Sled falsely accused and was banned put it best, stating in reference to Sled “when I’m punched, I hit back”. I’m the same way only Pops taught me when I’m punched to hit back harder, and I always have, something Sled hasn’t quite figured out. So far there are only two individuals who have made false claims against me, Sled, and another poster who I think has figured out that if you want to make false claims against me be prepared to get hit back in the rhetorical sense. Opinions are okay with me telling whoopers isn’t.

For those that aren’t aware Sled has so much time on his hands he doesn’t limit his blogging to the SR Site, he likes to try and control The Inlander Site as well (below).


Sled buddy I appreciate you following my Blog and Twitter but all of your “Engagements” are ruining my “Analytics”, so one engagement is enough don’t you think?  🙂

Poor 1Poor 2Poor 3Poor 4Poor 5Poor 6Sled it was bells faultSled Jew!Inlander 1Inlander 2

29 thoughts on “Distraught…Very Distraught!!!!

  1. “Something else I find comical regarding those that don’t like my Twitter and Blog is the number of times you find people referring to their tracking of individuals and then posting what they have found on the SR Site. Time and again you read where people have done things like “Tracked his LinkedIn account”, “Found the address”, “Here is an old article”, etc. pretty hypocritical if you ask me.”

    Andy always tries to out other contributors on the SledShelia~Review. And on here, he really thinks he got MisJ by typing the name associated with this Twitter account. Ohhhhhhhhh, what a tough guy! He even gets his gang, squareroot, outloud (really squareroot, I think), shelalala, printsy, and rosey to do the same. Heck, he even took some of my posts from this blog and posted them on his blog the SledShelia~Review. (In some impotent half hatched plot to do what, exactly, I have no clue!)

    He. Has. No. Boundaries.

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    1. Lol. Read your comments on this blog Nena. Did you think you could write all the crap you do about others on here and not get called our for it? Can’t take the heat, then get out of the kitchen.

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        1. Wow, missy. That sounds like a veiled threat. So you have a boyfriend? Is that why you became a tea party kind of gal? To impress your date?

          What does your bf want to meet Andy for? What has sled done to you besides exposing you as a fraud? Do you admit to being Old Sarge or is that a charade you deny?

          Do you condone doxxing? It seems that you do by the fact that you are foxy’s biggest fan here. I would like to hear you say it, though. Do you think doxxing is ethical? Do you think Sheila and Sled deserve to have personal info publicized? Do you think it’s okay to call a person’s workplace. (yeah, yeah we know you never did that foxy) How would you like it? What did they do in your mind to deserve it? I’m curious how you rationalize your support.

          I know you probably won’t respond. You rarely do, if ever. It’s the old dodge. If you don’t admit, it ain’t so.


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    2. “He. Has. No. Boundaries.”

      Well…he has “Boundaries” with me as he will soon find out.

      I wonder how much Sheila has left on that open line of credit she has with Numerica Credit Union secured with the property at 6020 N Elgin…hope there is enough to pay the back taxes so us folks that actually pay our taxes don’t get ripped again!

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        1. Heck I’d like to meet him too, he has had an open invitation for a long, long time but has never taken me up on it. He did have an associate come by once…real nice guy. My wife really wants to meet him since he never did show up at her work like he threatened to do. Heck he even knew how much money she made, and where she worked…oh well maybe some day.

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            1. page hits? is that what turns you on, missy? god only knows why that would matter. The more hits the more people see what you are a self-ordained cheerleader for. Why would you want to be known for being the Foxy Doxy’s biggest cheerleader?

              Are you going to answer my questions or continue to dodge.


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          1. My aren’t you a tough guy? All from the confines of a little itty bitty service bay? Ohhhhh, impressed by your manliness! Seriously, you have problems. And it appears that some are going to get worse.

            As I said, you have no boundaries. It is almost too easy pushing your buttons.

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      1. Do you really think what credit Sheila has is your or missy’s business? You two are deplorable. No class. And everyone who sees your stupid blog knows it.

        The more visitors you draw, the more people see how obsessed and sick you are.

        No need to thank me for visiting your blog. It’s the highlight of my day. The pleasure is all mine, Foxy. 🙂

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              1. Darn it…I can’t help myself…this is too fun!!! 🙂 🙂

                Well of course it is…you just have to know where to find it. For example all of Andy and Sheila’s garnishments, judgements, and other records are available to anyone by simply pulling the court records which are public records, I do it all the time. You can even find credit info in some police reports, you just have to know the name and the type of report to look for…easy as pie. The same is true for property records liens, deeds of trust, inspections…all that king of stuff are public…you just have to know what you are looking for.

                BTW: That’s “Mr. Dipshit” to you! 🙂

                This one is really bad.


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