For those of you that have followed me you know that since 2012 I have continually pointed out that SPD, and the City of Spokane, over and over again, has violated the Washington State Public Records Act by releasing to the public personal information on people and I have file after file demonstrating just that.


If someone were to ask Alison Boggs of the SR about our email exchange regarding this issue she could provide insight some might find to be typical HSS (Hilarious Spokane Stuff).


One of the critical things for an Investigative Reporter to have is “wiretaps” strategically placed throughout various places in the City where you work because they give you a heads-up about what is actually going on. So when you receive a tip you check it out.


It looks like SPD is quietly trying to clean up Tim Schwerings IA Website, which by the way will be a monumental task. So let’s see if that is true.

This is a screenshot I took of Schwering’s IA Website on March 21st, 2016:

Reports March 21 2015



You will notice from the screenshot there were active links to the IA Investigations as of March 21st, 2015.


This link will take you to Schwering’s Website today March 26th, 2016 (The link was copied at 7:57AM today.)

Just in case someone decides to make changes to Schwering’s Website here are the screenshots from today:


As you can see there are NO LINKS to the IA cases today. So the question is, are they finally being CLEANED UP? Interestingly I had a conversation with another Investigative Reporter the other day about what a complete JOKE Schwering’s Website was, in a number of ways, especially in light of the COPS/DOJ Report that gave SPD an “At a Boy/Girl” for posting the IA Cases. If the Consultants had actually read the posted IA Cases they would have observed that many important cases were never posted and many contained NO copies of the actual investigation.

(*** Take note Rachael Alexander!)


I know what you are thinking…” Okay Breen, what the hell does this have to do with Furniture-gate?”


Quite a bit actually! There was an “Oh shit!” CLEAN-UP of the initial public release of the Furniture-gate IA Case. The CLEAN-UP is very telling from the standpoint of establishing that Furniture-gate was a hose job.


Ordinarily this kind of stuff would be an investigative holdback for me but because, as Interim Chief Craig Meidl referred to, the currently “ongoing moving parts” I felt now is the time, to release a little bit of info to you.

Major Lundgren made a Major Mistake (No pun intended) when a working copy of the IA Case was allowed to be used for notes. That working copy contains notes that record information regarding email strings Arleth presented to Lundgren during his Garrity statement which were NOT made a part of the IA Case Report.

Here is the link to the original release of the Furniture-gate IA case…see where it takes you:


PDF]15-108 – City of Spokane…/ia-report-15-108.pdf

  1. Cached

Mar 3, 2016 – Number. Material Withheld. Brief Explanation of Why Material. Withheld. Legal / Statutory Basis. Witness. Exemptions. #1a. Name / Identity of …



Depending upon your browser the first link will either take you nowhere or to this:

Server Error




I’m giving away semi-secrets here but…that’s okay. Now click on the “Cached” link and you will be able to tell somewhat how the changes were made. Also notice the date March 3, 2016.


Ordinarily you could go to Schwering’s Website click on IA Case Number C15-108, but apparently Schwering’s website is being cleaned-up. 🙂 So here is my copy of the redacted report:


What I would like you to notice for now from the redacted (Cleaned-up) IA Case is just one page at this point:

Redacted email without notes






Now compare the above page to the unredacted (Not Cleaned-up) IA Case origanally released to the public:





Notice the handwritten marks and the circled “c”? That is indicative of a number of notes on the IA Report that were Cleaned-up on the “Oh shit!” realease.

I would assume there are copies of IA Report C15-108 floating arround somewhere, but how should Arleth’s representitives handle it? Well here is how:


1) Go directly to Lundgren and demand in writing a copy of all of the notes from his investigation including notes contained on the report originally released to the public.

2) Copy all the other Brass, and request any notes they have.

3) Obtain a copy of the case file presented to Heather Lowe, and obtain all of her notes.

4) Now that it is on Teresa Sanders desk do the same for her.

5) Check to see if any PRRs were submitted regarding C15-108, make sure you check the exact date the PRRs were submitted (This is important).

6) If you receive a denial that they exsist you should know what to do.

7) Obtain a copy of the emails Arleth provided Lundgren in his Garrity Statement, and compare them to the notations on the unredacted report which was made public.

8) If Big Momma wants a battle give it to her and go to Arbitration, when the facts come out the idiotcy of this will be evident.

9) Keep in mind Big Momma is on her way out…just a timing issue…and McDevitt might take her place.


Lots More Coming!!!




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