The grievance submitted to Director of Human Resources, Heather Lowe was turned down by Lowe, so Furniture-gate is right back where it started…with Teresa Sanders (Big Momma). Sanders will make a decision regarding the grievance, and depending on which way she decides we might be spending even more money on what is lies and kindergarten stuff originating from her office.



“The Lieutenants and Captains Association also submitted a grievance letter to Director of Human Resources, Heather Lowe.”


The Inlander continues to do their job of informing the public on all the shenanigans going on at City Hall while the Spokesman Review continues to protect their guy from any adverse publicity.



Interim Chief Meidl did respond to my follow-up pointed questions email and here it is. He even invited me for an interview which I’ll take him up on, as I have a lot more pointed questions I’d like answered.


Meidl to me 24 March 1

Meidl to me 24 March 2

Even though he didn’t answer my questions, he did give me some incomplete Organization Charts which leave out all those super-secret units.

Org Chart




I haven’t heard back…maybe Monday???  🙂 🙂

Me back to Meidl 24 Match



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