Now that the Spokane City Council has requested that Mayor Condon use his power under Garrity Vs New Jersey to compel those public employees of ours who are refusing to cooperate with the City Council Investigation to cooperate and give statements, I wonder what his next move will be?



This link will provide you with some fairly good background regarding Garrity vs New Jersey which has been law for a long time.



Just so you understand the Garrity Rule is used all the time at City Hall. If you review some of the past links, I have provided, you will find Garrity Warning documents like this.

Garrity 1

Garrity 2.jpg

Garrity 3




It should be obvious to anyone reading this Blog that Mayor Condon is doing everything he can to obstruct the Public’s right to know. So now he has two choices do the proper and ethical thing by invoking Garrity, or continue to obstruct the ongoing investigation.


If he continues to obstruct the investigation Mayor Condon will have a heck of a time trying to square not invoking the Garrity Rule in light of the COPS/DOJ Report.


This should be interesting!



16 thoughts on “NOW WHAT WILL THE MAYOR DO???

  1. I seriously doubt that the boy wonder will ‘order’ city staff to cooperate with the investigation. Just as I doubt that the city council will use their subpoena power to compel testimony. Other than that, all parties are doing their best to ensure participation in a fair and totally unbiased ‘investigation’ into any mayoral wrong doing…laughing out loud…lol…lol…lol…

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    1. The problem with just using subpoenas is that they don’t have to talk. Because of the circumstances here there is a possibility of criminal conduct, so any lawyer representing an involved client would recommend the client take the Fifth. The City Council could however subpoena the involved people to a public hearing so citizens could watch people take the Fifth live on TV! 🙂 That is what I would do if I were the City Council. 🙂

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  2. It seems Spokane is a go to destination for federal administrators, padding their retirements and imposing their idealogies on backwater Spokane. No thank you.

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  3. I hadn’t seen that the council did that. Has it been reported by the major news outlets or did you get word? Thanks for the update. Will definitely put the pressure on

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    1. I think that is David’s concern! If the investigation comes up with something that can be used in a recall, he might be in trouble. It is entirely up to him whether he invokes Garrity or not, if he doesn’t I’ll be interested in what Coddington has to say.

      As far as the obstruction with the violations of the PRA….:)

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  4. Brian, you are providing a real service. I have not seen or heard of any statement as to what McDevitt’s duties are or what his function as “Director to Law Enforcement is. Unless I missed it, the Review has not reported on this issue. Maybe Condon is simply flying by the seat-of-his-pants and needs someone to provide cover for his ineptness.

    Retired police officer, Bob Allen

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