As I have stated in a previous story Mayor Condon has been asked to invoke the Garrity Rule!




A quick PRR, and a quick response from Terri Pfister reveals this:


Stuckart 1


Stuckart 2




You may not see this reported anywhere else, but the Mayor sure needs to have some questions asked of him. It will be interesting if anyone does ask what various excuses he and Brain Coddington can come up with.




4 thoughts on “WILL HE OR WILL HE NOT??

  1. Well well well, in between legislating against elephant hooks and mandating taxpayer funded art, the council president takes time to pen a letter to our strong mayor. Bet it galls Ben that he didn’t run for mayor last term…especially given the Condon city hall post-election messes.

    Good, perhaps wanting to be mayor will cause at least one person on the council to exert pressure on the executive branch of city government. Time will tell.

    Keep at ’em, Buff!

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