I mentioned it in today’s earlier story…so I’ll give you a bit of a tease.


A while back I was asked to take a look at an “Investigation” McDevitt had conducted back in 2011 into DSHS. In my opinion it was one of your typical “Lawyer Done Investigations” that end up being a few pages of conclusions, and a few recommendations. McDevitt’s “Investigation Report” was just 15 pages, actually fairly short by lawyer standards. The importance of the investigation called for an extensive well documented fact based investigation. IMO we paid for it but didn’t get it. There was a lot of political back stories involved in the report that I won’t get into here, but what stood out to me the most is McDevitt’s insertion in his report of his very obvious political perspective.


When you do an “Independent Investigation” as he was contracted to do, you have to put your bias and political ideology completely aside or it just isn’t INDEPENDENT, I don’t think anyone would dispute that Jim McDevitt has a very Conservative Ideology, which is fine, but you can’t let your political ideology interfere with your integrity. Yes, Gretchen, I know it was a Democratic Governor, and I know he was later appointed to the Clemency Board, but that isn’t the point.


Whether you are a Conservative or a Liberal, makes NO DIFFERNCE, even if you believe that all welfare recipients should be subjected to random drug testing, or the State of Washington should be chasing down “illegal aliens” receiving welfare benefits, you would have to agree that recommendations like McDevitt’s have NO BUSINESS in a truly “INDEPENDENT INVESTIGATION”, and Condon’s choice should trouble you!

McDevitt drug testing.jpg




2 thoughts on “OH…WHAT THE HECK!!!

  1. Brian,

    Can you tell me what investigative schools attorneys go to and the extend of their “investigative training.” Has Mr. McDevitt been trained as an investigator at any point of his career. I guess I ask this as to why we have detectives, federal agents, state investigators etc. Why not let the know it all attorneys do it all. Maybe they should just start responding to everything themselves and give the poor cops a break!

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    1. No, there isn’t any schools lawyers go to learn how to be investigators. Some, not all, think they know how based on some courtroom experience. McDevitt has zero investigative or cop background, but thinks he does…and that is dangerous!

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