This article appeared in yesterday’s Spokesman Review and again demonstrates how the SR continually dropped the ball in obtaining the facts surrounding the Condon/Straub Regime as did the City Council. It was all right in front of them so the question remains…. “Why?”



The screenshot and links below are just a few of the times the SR ignored continued calls for investigative reporting, and again they don’t represent all of the emails sent to the media and City Council trying to get some movement on reporting the continuing complete destruction of the Spokane Police Department.


Me re Smith etc.\




Right now the City Council is on a critical path in righting the SPD ship which will take several years to right as a result of Condon’s and Straub’s leadership. A legitimate investigation into what was going on at SPD MUST include an audit of SPD’s expenditures including the Forfeiture and Contributions Fund as well as the Trust Fund established at SPD which was under the control of Straub, Smith, Schwering, Dobrow, Meidl, and others during the time Straub was in charge. Over and over I have called for an audit of those funds but to this point the City Council has not taken the appropriate action. An audit of SPD expenditures IMO could be a key element in the defense of, in what I consider the unlikely event, Straub goes beyond his claim against the City and actually does file a lawsuit. The problem the City Council could very well have is that they approved all of the expenditures without the least bit of investigation and they might end up looking bad…but it needs to been done anyway.


I have had discussions with other reporters, including from the SR on how to proceed with an investigative report into SPD expenditures, and offered suggestions on how to go about it. Each and every time I emphasized just how tedious and exhaustive that process would be including having to fight the FOIA Battle, then analyzing all of the data and tracing receipts and expenditures. The best bet is for the City Council to get off their duff and get the audit process started…then we media can report on it.




  1. This comment goes to your PRR Tutorial threads.
    (I would have posted to that article but couldn’t find the comment box…)

    Thanks for putting these articles on PRRs up, with supporting documents. I know how difficult getting information via PRRs can be, as I studied how to do them in some of my Law Classes. These articles help explain the process and how it can be foiled, to the uninitiated like Andrew and his slope browed fans. He has repeatedly made comments regarding how easy PRRs are when I highly doubt he could ever write a sentence that would get the docs/information that he was seeking; much like Nickel Nick, his Sled~Review hero. Your tips on how to phrase the request are spot on.

    Thanks Buff for all you do!
    You ROCK!
    ; )

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    1. I have learned over the years that PRRs/FOIAs are not easy and if you want to get to the bottom of something in government you have to anticipate the bunk reasons government will use to withhold documents. Condon’s using the “complaints” specific language defense is pretty standard so you have to plan for that.

      Yes Sled and Sheila are having a fine old time in the SR with no one to confront them about their lies…I tried yesterday to point out Andrews lie about being a Jew…including the screenshot his friends the mods were hot on it and it was gone quick. Truth doesn’t matter much over there anyway. 🙂

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  2. @ Dennis Carlton

    CallmeLisa has been cut down in the her prime!

    THAT is how much the Sled~Review and that Hatch person (whom ever that is, lol) sure hates you. And anyone that upvotes you, or replies to you, or supports you, or even writes about you on non Cowles owned media site. This goes beyond ownership has its privileges.

    None of the posts by that avatar were against the rules of the forum. The only act was support of Dennis, deceased also. Sometimes, I think that Hatch person (whom ever that is, lol) thinks that I am YOU (I’m flattered).

    It IS telling how thin skinned the mods and minders are. What, dear Dennis, do you suppose they are so afraid of? Why do they keep “banning” anyone that dares to agree with Dennis Carlton et al? Why have they added Brian Breen, BB to their word filter? Why do they “ban” or remove as “spam” any post that refers to other LOCAL media sources? Even Spokane News FACEBOOK is in their spam filter as is The Inlander. What is the Sled~Review so afraid of?

    Well, I’m off to think of a new avatar name and image. I found this really cool image on the Facebook, a father and his son…maybe it’s time I changed up my gender and went with the pissy sympathetic single father victim meme? The Sled~Review seems to eat fakery like that up!

    Keep at ’em Dennis…er…Buff! If the mods, minders, and managers are making such an HUGE effort to keep you and anyone supporting you off their comments threads, IT MUST BE SOMETHING HUGE…HUGE…HUGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    ; )

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  3. Embarrassment Round 4

    City Council president, Stuckart, and his indignant act over this mess would be funny if it wasn’t so damn pathetic. As you stated, Council signed off on the funding. And I suspect did not truly comprehend what the hell they were voting on and approving, especially given their slack jawed surprise and indignation over the antics at City Hall.

    Pathetic. And now, citizens are supposed to believe that the Council is going to investigate and get to the bottom of this? When they have been complicit in helping create the mess? Not. Going. To. Happen.

    Oh sure, there will be a show ‘investigation’ and Stuckart will prance about and mutter stuff like “accountability” and “transparency” (as he postures for his run at the mayor’s office) but in the end little to nothing will be done or accomplished.

    Spokane is a town that keeps its secrets.

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    1. It will be easy for some to tell if it ends up a show. Negotiating the set up may be the first indication of problems. Spokane has always been a town “that keeps its secrets” and when someone makes an effort to expose some of them…they know there will be a fight! 🙂

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